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10 of the Most Beautiful Places In the World

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They are breathtaking, they are jaw dropping, they are top of the list of places you must visit at least once in your life. Let the stunning architectural feats, and tropical paradise planet Earth has to offer, allow your mind to drift into the never ending …

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10 Facts That Prove Animals Are More Humane Than Humans

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Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been curious about animals. Even today, scientists, researchers and inquisitive humans have been trying to understand these creatures and their behavior. The more we study them, the more we realize that in some cases, they are far …

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20 Surprising Facts About India

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Rich in history and culture, India is a country that one must visit and experience for themself. With over a billion people from different backgrounds and beliefs, the country is credited for many inventions and achievements. The diverse country has strived to make a mark …

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