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10 Heartbreaking Stories of Famous Sideshow Freaks

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During the 18th century to the mid-19th century, the American landscape was filled with sideshow businesses. Being born different during this time was considered a curse. Society would cast such individuals out and label them as freaks. While the ‘normal’ people considered the unfortunate ones …

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10 World Record Attempts that Turned Deadly

World record, Guinness Book of World Records, fact, facts, mind blowing facts

Succeeding in life is not always an easy task. While some have experience and luck on their side, others struggle to get their names in the hall of fame. Today, we see people doing silly things in an attempt to be in the Guinness Book …

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10 Facts that Sound Exaggerated but are Totally True

titanic, book, titan, fact, facts, mind blowing facts, Martin Luther King Jr, Anne Frank

Sometimes we read something on the internet that sounds completely absurd. While most of the time you are right, it’s not always the case. There are certain facts which sound so strange and exaggerated that we have a hard time believing them; even if there’s …

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