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10 “Common Sense Facts” That Are Actually Wrong

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Today, things get repeated so many times that people start believing in them. Like a wise man once said, common sense is neither common, nor sense. With the ease in using technology and the ability to share information at a fast rate, some take advantage …

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8 Reasons Why Frequent Cleaning Can Be Bad for You

cleaning, facts, life, people, medical

For millions around the world, cleaning is a form of escape from anxiety. The need to have things organized and spotless is a trait shared by every 1 in 40 adults around the world. However, recent studies show that constant exposure to cleaning materials is …

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10 Photos That Make Us Believe in Time Travel

time travel, people, celebrities, facts, life

Time travel – moving between different points in time – has been an interesting topic for decades. Whether it’s scientifically possible or not, the ability to travel through time to stop certain events from happening or altering our future does seem pretty impressive. Hollywood movies …

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