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10 Unique Biology Facts You Didn’t Learn At School

biology, facts, science, nature, Earth

Biology is an interesting subject that focuses on the many aspects of living organisms. Biologists spend their life decoding interesting information that lets us better understand how our world works. During the process, they sometimes encounter things that can be really surprising. For instance, did …

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10 of the Most Popular Myths Debunked

myths, debunked, life, facts, science, people

It has happened to all of us. We share an amazing fact on social media, only to feel embarrassed later on, when you find out that it was indeed wrong. This happens because some websites and people consider urban legends to be real and pass …

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10 Simple Yet Mind Blowing Facts to Amuse You

amuse, facts, science, space, nature, animals

As human beings, we have some unique behaviors, tendencies and quirks. One such advantage is the ability to gain knowledge. Lots and lots of it, without a limit, and apply that knowledge in real-life. However, as we learn more about the animals, plants and the …

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10 Amazing Movie Facts to Make You Smile

movie, Interstellar, science, technology, Hollywood

Hollywood has presented us with some of the best movies in the industry. Whether you are a fan of action, sci-fi, thriller or comedy, actors manage to win our hearts through their outstanding performances. This prompts us to learn more about them and how they …

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