10 Weird Things That Have “Rained” From the Sky

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The only thing we expect to fall from the sky is rain, snow, sleet and sometimes hail. These are the common things that fall from the sky, and things that we are familiar with. However, have you ever heard of fish or frogs raining from …

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10 Times People Found ‘Junk’ and Did Not Realize it was Worth A Fortune

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Everyone dreams of becoming rich, or at least living without debt. And every day, we hear rags-to-riches stories where people go to take their dogs for a walk or were playing around with a metal detector when they came across something that was worth millions. …

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10 Wild Facts About ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin

Steve, Irwin, Crocodile, facts, Australia, people

The crocodile hunter gained his popularity as a celebrity wildlife expert. He was an enthusiast in reaching his work through international television to the animal lovers and reptile paramours. His way of interaction, adventure and risking instincts brought exciting episodes of an exhilarating series. His …

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10 Con Artists Who Sold Things They Didn’t Even Own

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With the help of the internet, con artists have mastered the art of fooling others and making easy money with just a few clicks. Long before the internet, there were people who were masters of disguise. These brave men and women pretended to be someone …

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British Man Becomes Second Person Ever To Be Successfully Cleared Of HIV

HIV, virus, health, life, medical, facts

Scientists first discovered the HIV virus that causes AIDS in 1983. At first, it was named HTLV-III/LAV (human T-cell lymphotropic virus-type III/lymphadenopathy-associated virus) by an international scientific committee but was later changed to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). The virus attacks our immune system, which is …

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10 Bizarre Brain Disorders Often Mistaken For Psychiatric Conditions

conditions, health, science, facts, life, people

Imagine being able to feel what another person is feeling – their sorrow and their pain. Or be convinced that whatever negative change is happening with your friend’s life is actually yours. There are certain brain disorders that cause people to undergo such situations and …

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10 Statistics That Sound Exaggerated but are 100% True

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We hear about statistics all our lives. Schools, politicians and even scientists use it to represent their findings. They are everywhere around us and in some cases, they can be wrong, since most of us take the information out of context. The tool is used …

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12 Ingenious Japanese Inventions That Are Ready to Change Our Lives

Japanese, culture, life, people, facts, travel, inventions

The Japanese are known for their brilliant inventions and incorporating cutting-edge technology into their lives. Known as “The Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan is a place where technological development never sleeps. The Japanese are constantly developing new technologies that make their lives a bit …

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