Mind Blowing Facts - Part 40

The Sentinel Island and its Isolated Tribe who Repel Outsiders

Sentinelese, people, tribe, facts, life

It is hard to believe that in the 21st century there are tribes that are still untouched by modern civilization. Disconnected from the outside world and uncorrupted by technology and money, these people live with their own set of rules. The Sentinel Island has been …

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10 Fascinating Facts About Redheads

redheads, facts, life, people

“Redheads”, is a term used to describe people who are born with red hair. While there are many names used to describe this genetic trait, it is one of the rarest hair colors in the world. In some countries, the hair color is desired by …

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10 Popular Myths on the Internet That Should be put to an End

myths, facts, world, life, people

Since its inception in 1991, the World Wide Web has been used by millions around the globe. The creation of social media platforms has also helped people share stories as well as connect with friends and family, far and wide. But, the ease in sharing …

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10 Dog Breeds That Have Changed Over Time

breeds, dogs, facts, life, nature

Dogs may be our best friends but they haven’t always looked the same as they do today. For centuries, we have co-existed with them and helped each other survive. Many of the popular dog breeds today developed a special look based somewhat on their function. Back …

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10 Astounding Facts About the First Moon Landing

moon, Apollo 11, facts, science

On July 20, 1969, mankind made history when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. The feat was a huge achievement and since then, only 11 others have had the honor to walk on the lunar surface. Interestingly, none of the 12 people who have had the …

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10 Ancient Inventions That Were Way Ahead of Their Time

ancient, facts, history, life, people

Our ancestors had no smartphones or GPS to guide them through their journeys. Without the help of modern contraptions, they still managed to get around and survive. While they were limited in many ways, there were many prolific men and women who thought outside of …

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12 (More) Hidden Messages in Company Logos

Goodwill, facts, logos, life, people

Logos are an important asset in business. They are not just pictures of texts but rather are mascots of a business or company. There are millions of companies with their branded logos but only a handful of them remains in our memories. This is because …

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10 Fascinating Icelandic Facts That’ll Make You Want to Live There

Iceland, facts, life, Island

The land of fire and ice is known for its extraordinary beauty and wonderful people. It’s an incredible country with features that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Almost everyone has the destination on their bucket list to visit and experience the …

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16 Albino Animals That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

albino, animals, planet, facts

Animals have long existed in our planet. They have roamed the forests and have more knowledge of this universe than most of us. Some of them are even capable of detecting the Earth’s magnetism and migrating from one place to another. While they hold a …

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