10 Unexpectedly High-Paying Jobs From Around the World

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Most of us fulfill the duties associated with our jobs as a means to survive. While there might not be much entertainment with the jobs we do, there are several jobs that are not only thrilling, but also pay well. For instance, did you know …

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10 Explanations to Why Everyday Things Have Specific Colors

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We are so used to the things around us, that often times, our brain ignores small details such as color. However, if you pay close attention, you would find that there’s a reason for everything that happens around us. For instance, school buses and taxis …

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11 Amusing Facts About Everything in this World

The world is filled with so many fascinating facts that we can learn something new every day, for the rest of our lives. Not only do these facts provide us with knowledge, but they make us superior to our peers. For instance, did you know …

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10 Places Where Gravity Seems to Work in Reverse

gravity, science, entertainment, facts, Earth

Legend has it that when a young Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree, an apple fell on his head. The “aha moment” made him think of the why and how’s, which eventually led him to come up with his law of gravity. Gravity …

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10 Optical Illusions and Phenomena Only Seen In Nature

optical, illusions, facts, life, people, travel

From time and time again, mother nature surprises us with her magnificent beauty. At the same time, she also reminds us of the sheer power that we often forget. While humans are known to create optical illusions, the ones you see here are not manmade …

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10 Completely Random Facts That Will Make You Smarter Than Your Friends

smarter, facts, life, people, science

In life, our goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible and to be better at every available opportunity. Not only does it make us look smart, but also makes us respectable. Our friends and family members also find it helpful since they know …

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10 Smart Features That Only Wild Animals Possess

animals, facts, science, nature, Earth

Animals have been roaming this planet, long before we took over. In order to adapt to the constant changes and to ensure their survival, wild animals evolve. While some of the traits they receive as part of the evolutionary process can appear as mistakes, they …

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10 Interesting Psychological Facts That Can Change Your Perspective

facts, science, life, people, study

The human mind is an amazing piece of machinery, capable of processing hundreds of thoughts every day. As the field of science is advancing at a fast pace, scientists are using them to understand the very complex thing that created them. At the same time, …

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10 of the Last Unexplored Places on Earth

Earth, planet, unexplored, facts, travel

Explorers have scaled the world’s tallest mountains to the deepest parts of the oceans. In this era, it’s hard to imagine places that are untouched or unexplored by humans. Surprisingly, there are still corners of our planet that is either hidden from the outside world, …

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10 Adorable Facts About Your Beloved Pet

animals, pets, life, people, facts, nature

Our pets are our family. We provide them with food and shelter, and in return, they give us their unconditional love. For a long time, they have been an integral part of our lives and as time goes on, we are learning new things about …

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