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10 Famous Foods Discovered by Mistake

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For most of us, coffee is the driving force of our everyday lives. It’s the only thing that helps us continue our daily routine until we are finally free of our responsibilities for the day. But, have you ever wondered where coffee originated from? In …

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11 Viral Photos That Turned out to be Fakes

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It’s easy to get something go viral these days. With programs like Photoshop, photos can be doctored easily. And people are generally known for lying, just to convey their message to the world, even if it means there’s no truth behind it. We have seen …

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11 Animals with Extraordinary Abilities

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When it comes to animals, their abilities can seem like something out of a comic book, but they’re totally real. For instance, dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in ours. And hawks can see about …

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10 Beautiful And Bizarre Natural Wonders

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Spanning across seven continents, our planet is teeming with natural occurrences and wonders. For decades, we have been observing but not knowing why and how such natural phenomenon’s take place. The oddities were observed not with just lakes, oceans and volcanoes, but also animals. Leaving …

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11 Exotic Fruits You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Of course everyone is familiar with apples, oranges and strawberries, but what about those ethnic fruits that are native to each country? The fruits that appear in this list are not going to be at your local grocery store. In fact, you may not even …

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