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10 Photos That Make Us Believe in Time Travel

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Time travel – moving between different points in time – has been an interesting topic for decades. Whether it’s scientifically possible or not, the ability to travel through time to stop certain events from happening or altering our future does seem pretty impressive. Hollywood movies …

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12 Unbelievable But True Geographical Facts

unbelievable, facts, science, nature, Earth

Our planet is full of surprises. Just when we think that we know everything about our beautiful planet, we hear something else that would make us say “wow”. As technological advances are being made every day, scientists are able to use them to uncover more …

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10 of the Most Uninhabitable Places on Earth

uninhabited, facts, life, people, planet

Earth is the only known planet that is capable of providing a hospitable atmosphere for life to thrive. In this technological era where satellites and probes are sent millions of light years away to study our galaxies, we would think that our home planet is …

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10 Random Facts That Will Scar You For Life

scar, people, life, facts, statistics

Every day, interesting things happen all around the world. With our busy lives, we often miss things that we consider to be interesting. Here, we have collected some random facts that are sure to make you say, “Whaaaaaaaat?!”. While the facts in this list are …

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10 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About Pregnancy

pregnancy, facts, life, people, health

Pregnancy is truly one of the most fascinating things. It literally changes the human body in order to bring another life into this planet. Throughout the nine months, a woman’s body adjusts to the requirements and needs of the baby that is forming within. While …

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Psychopaths

psychopaths, life, people, facts, science, health

Believe it or not, roughly one in every 200 of us is a psychopath. Today, our planet has more that 30 million psychopaths roaming around. While most psychopaths can be dangerous, not all of them are. Contrary to popular belief, even though there are signs …

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