10 Facts That Prove Animals Are More Humane Than Humans

elephants, animals, humane, life, facts

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been curious about animals. Even today, scientists, researchers and inquisitive humans have been trying to understand these creatures and their behavior. The more we study them, the more we realize that in some cases, they are far …

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20 Surprising Facts About India

India, Earth, life, facts, travel, adventure

Rich in history and culture, India is a country that one must visit and experience for themself. With over a billion people from different backgrounds and beliefs, the country is credited for many inventions and achievements. The diverse country has strived to make a mark …

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5 Unlucky Inventors Who Never Got to Cash in On Their Creations

creations, unlucky inventors, facts, history, fidget spinner

Because of many brilliant men and women, our lives have changed for the better. While we enjoy their creations, or benefit from them simplifying our lives, one would imagine that they made millions or even billions from selling them. But in reality, not all inventors …

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9 Hidden Secrets Behind Famous Logos

hidden secrets, logos, facts, brand, life

Every day, we come across hundreds of logos that famous companies and brands use to distinguish themselves. The logos might look simple but did you know that some of them have an unusual origin or that some of them have encrypted messages hidden deep within …

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10 Drinks That Will Help You Sleep Better

drinks, foods, sleep better, facts, science

Summer is coming, which means that the days are going to be longer. And longer days means the more energy we require to function throughout the day. While exercising and eating healthy is important, so is sleep. Sleep is an integral part of our lives …

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11 Crazy Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of!

crazy fruits, facts, nature, Earth, life, foods

Of course everyone is familiar with apples, oranges and strawberries, but what about those ethnic fruits that are native to each country? The fruits that appear in this list are not going to be at your local grocery store. In fact, you may not even …

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10 Weirdest Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

weirdest animals, Earth, nature, facts, science

With more than 70% of our oceans yet to be explored, there is no doubt that scientists will come across thousands of new species. However, it might come as a surprise that there are species of animals that look totally bizarre or alien-like but are …

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Why do Clouds Float And Not Fall to Earth Due to Gravity?

clouds, life, Earth, science, people

Why do clouds float? Has that question ever crossed your mind? You go for a walk and you see those big, fluffy clouds hovering right above your head. Even though the average cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds, they are capable of defying the laws …

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8 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

billionaires, people, Bill Gates, Microsoft, facts

Frugality is one of the key characteristics of wealth, according to a researcher who studied millionaires and billionaires. Those who devote their lives to saving their wealth spend less and stick to a routine. This behavior allows them to accumulate their wealth within a period …

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