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10 Most Dangerous Roads to Drive Around the World

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Traveling is good for both the body and the mind. Studies show that they make us feel younger. But, what if the roads are not repetitive highways that we encounter every day? Instead, they are located on top of mountains and are filled with hair-pin …

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10 Surprising Things Dogs Can Smell

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For the vast majority of humans, perception is handled through sight. While hearing, sense of touch, taste and smell do play major roles in our lives, how we perceive the world or our reality is defined by sight. For dogs, this isn’t the case. Dogs see …

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9 Interesting Historical Events That Are Lesser-Known

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Since mankind started roaming this planet, we have been making history. Although we learned some of them in school, not everything is taught. That does not mean that the events are any less interesting. Certain historical events that took place at the dawn of time …

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10 Interesting Facts about Dreams

dreams, people, science, life

Everybody dreams. It is an experience that is shrouded with mysteries. For centuries, scientists have been studying the importance of dreams in our lives. Even during the Roman era, they were thought to be messages from the gods and every dream was submitted to the Roman …

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