Mind Blowing Facts - Part 10

10 Interesting Things That Will Likely Happen Before 2050

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The future is bright and filled with possibilities. Today, we are more scientifically advanced than ever before, with breakthroughs made in the field of science and medicine. We know that by the mid-century, self-driving cars will be a common commodity and intelligent machines will be …

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Here’s What Happens To You When You Overthink

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Overthinking can be debilitating and without doubt, it is a common issue among us. Whether it’s a mistake you made yesterday, weeks, months or years ago, some of us have the habit of holding on to them and overthink. By fretting about how they’re going …

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13 Surprising Facts That Are Actually True

surprising facts, true, life, science, travel, people

Whether you read books, watch educational shows or browse through the internet, it’s always fun to find weird curiosities and facts about the world we live in. In fact, there are many surprising facts that make us doubt whether they are indeed real. Take, for …

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10 Dog Breeds That Are Most Loyal to Their Owners

dog breeds, life, facts, animals, nature, people, loyalty

For thousands of years, dogs and humans have coexisted. According to one study, published in Nature Communications, dogs may have been domesticated as far back as 32,000 years ago. Regardless, for some of us, they have become an integral part of our lives. We consider …

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10 Crazy Useful Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

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The human brain is capable of storing more information than we can ever learn in a lifetime. According to Scientific American, our brains have the capacity to store numerous memories per neuron. Since the average human brain has roughly 100 billion neurons, this means that …

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