Mind Blowing Facts

Why Are The Top of School Buses Painted White?

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If someone asks you to think of a school bus, you can only imagine it in yellow. Since 1939, school buses have been painted yellow and there’s a good reason behind it. Back in 1939, Frank W. Cyr, “father of the yellow school bus,” held …

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Why do Some Trucks and Buses Have Plastic Arrows on the Wheels?

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Unlike the small cars and trucks we see on the road every day, semi’s and buses are very big vehicles that travel a lot. Most semi’s/trucks or buses spend an average of 110,000 miles on the road every year. And it’s no surprise that during …

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20 Random, Weird Facts So You Can Learn Something New This Week

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Every now and then, we come across facts that make us wonder what else we are missing out on in life. For instance, did you know that TV commercials emit a tone inaudible to the human ear? Or that there is actually a word for …

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12 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True

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Many of the assumptions you make about life, and everything included in it, are based on tall tales and hearsay. As time goes on, myths and tales become reality for some and they basically believe it to be true; even though it’s scientifically disproven. Today, …

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19 Fun Facts of the Day to Make You Feel Instantly Smarter

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1. In Barbados, a small eastern Caribbean island, when you turn 100, you get a stamp made in your honor. 2. There are more than 7,500 types of apples in the world, which means you’ll need more than 20 years to try each of them, …

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15 Facts About Iceland – One of the Happiest Countries In The World

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The land of fire and ice is known for its extraordinary beauty and wonderful people. It’s an incredible country with features that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Almost everyone has the destination on their bucket list to visit and experience the …

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25 Facts You Didn’t Know You Needed To Hear

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1. Because wasabi is so difficult to grow, many restaurants outside of Japan serve a mixture of horseradish, mustard, and food coloring to imitate it. 2. Due to the electrons of your atoms repelling the electrons of other atoms, you never actually touch anything. If …

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25 More Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind!

1. According to Motherly, millennial fathers are spending three times as much time with their children as men did two generations ago. In 1982, 43% of fathers admitted that they had never changed a diaper. Today, that number is down to only about 3%. 2. …

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10 Unbelievable Facts Guaranteed to Make Your Day

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Humans have always been intrigued by the universe and everything within it. Every day, thousands of people dedicate their lives to study the universe, as well as our planet. Such people have an open mind and feel as if everything is new and exciting. And …

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