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11 Random Facts That Are Thought Provoking

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The world is such an extraordinary place that even the most ordinary, boring, every day stuff will have an interesting backstory. In fact, some of the things we tend to overlook or consider to be insignificant, contain some of the most interesting facts. As we …

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10 Fascinating Facts About Spider-Man

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Using his powerful webs, Spider-Man has managed to spin one of the greatest comic book careers of all-time. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man, more than 60 years ago in 1962. The quintessential Marvel character is one of most popular superheroes of all time, …

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10 Habits of a Mentally Strong Person

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Not everyone possesses the psychological, intellectual, and emotional strength to manage emotions in a healthy, productive manner. Mental strength is defined by what we do and at times, what we choose not to do, based on the situation. While many think being mentally strong is …

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10 Greatest Discoveries That Were Actually Mistakes

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Some brilliant minds spend months, years or even decades trying to invent or discover something they believe in. Discoveries such as microwaves or matchsticks help us every day in our lives, but did you know that they were actually discovered by pure accident? While their …

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10 Disadvantages of Being Highly Intelligent

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It’s a common misconception that life is easier for those with higher intelligence. People fail to recognize that the bigger the intelligence, the bigger the responsibilities. Having a high IQ is a good thing, since it allows one to perform tasks at a faster pace …

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11 Little-Known Facts That Can Save Your Life One Day

save your life, survival, facts, science, people

Every life is precious and in this fast moving world, it is important to be aware of the rapid changes. Being aware of your surroundings and the ability to make quick decisions, increases the chances of your survival. Without the proper knowledge, there have been …

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10 Surprising Facts That Will Amaze You

surprising, facts, history, technology, life

As we grow older, we understand and learn things that were once a mystery. Understanding things around us and how everything works has its advantages. Not only does it help us make better decisions in real-life, but it also keeps our brains sharp. No matter …

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