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Top 10 Worst Engineering Disasters of All Time

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Mankind made progress through mistakes. Today, the field of medicine and technology is so far advanced that we can successfully reverse alzheimer’s disease. These achievements, however, did not come as easy as you may think. Many men, women and children paid the ultimate price with …

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Incredible Images Reveal How Different Animals See the World

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Have you ever wondered how animals see the world? Although we cannot actually see through another life form’s eyes (at least not yet), through science we can make a close approximation. Throughout the process of evolution, the eyesight of animals has developed in different ways. While …

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6 Real and Disturbing Craigslist Stories

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Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website. Although it is recommended for selling unwanted stuff, it is essential to take precautions before using it. When it comes to the creep-o-meter, Craigslist tops the chart. We have heard several stories where people …

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