This Is Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light During Traffic Stops

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Say you’re driving down a school or construction zone with “reduce speed” sign ahead. Before you know it, there’s a state trooper right behind you with red and blue lights flashing. You put your blinker on and slowly come to a stop at which point, …

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10 Tips and Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

life hacks, facts, life, people, entertainment, lifestyle, tips, tricks

A few clever life hacks can make our everyday lives much easier, safer, and enjoyable. Every day, people are finding newer ways to deal with an already existing problem and there’s no justifiable reason for not using them if they are proven to help us …

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12 Interesting and Fun Facts About Sweden

Sweden, facts, life, people, transportation, cleanliness, science, culture

Sweden is one of the most impressive countries in the world that everyone should visit it at least once. Although it’s famously known for the Northern Lights, Sweden gave us Volvo cars and IKEA stores. What really makes this Scandinavian country stand out is how …

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11 Surprising Facts About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon, cat, swimming, life, facts, feline, animals, nature, pets

Maine Coon cats have been the subject of many popular myths and lores. But what’s fact, and what’s fiction? Despite everything, they are still one of the most popular breeds out there. The largest domesticated cat breed, with distinctive physical traits is a one-of-a-kind breed …

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White Pepper vs Black Pepper: What’s the Difference?

Dried, ground black pepper is one of the most common spices in Western cuisine. But every once in a while, we come across a recipe that specifically calls for white pepper. The central ingredient is used worldwide in many different cuisines but not all peppers …

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10 Fascinating and Unknown Facts About the Egyptian Pyramids

pyramids, Giza, Egypt, travel, life, facts, history

When someone mentions the pyramids, the first thing that comes in mind is the pyramids of Giza. For more than a century, the site of the most well-known Egyptian pyramids have been the subject of continuous investigation. Archeologists and researchers keep uncovering new things never …

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15 Essential Facts That Will Be Useful In Your Everyday Life

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With internet access readily available at our fingertips, we have unlimited access to more than 1 million exabytes of information. Still, we manage to indulge ourselves into the constant noise of social media and the 24-hour news cycle. This can be frustrating at times since …

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15 Little known facts about common household items

Every day, you use hundreds of things to make your lives a little bit easier. But, have you ever thought about things like what the plastic piece at the end of your shoe lace is called? Or how long the US dollar lasts since it …

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10 Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Happy

harvest mice, tulips, flowers, animals, happy facts, pet facts, science, nature

As far as we know, our planet is one of the most diverse places in the universe. Scientists have estimated that there are around 8.7 million species of plants and animals in existence. And some of these animals managed to find a spot in our …

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11 Curious Pet Facts That’ll Make You Love Them Even More

pet facts, love, cat, feline, animals, facts, science, people, meow

Animals and humans have co-existed together for centuries. There is archaeological evidence that dogs were the first animals domesticated by humans more than 30,000 years ago. Since then, we have treated them with love and respect, just as we would to any other human being. …

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