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10 Ancient Beasts That Are Thankfully Extinct!

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As scientists and archaeologists explore planet Earth, they are uncovering fossils of extinct fish, mammals, dinosaurs, birds and other beasts. These fossils give us an insight into what life was like before their ultimate doom. The prehistoric world, in reality, was a dangerous place to be. …

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10 Bizarre Deep Sea Anomalies That Can’t Be Explained

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Strange things are happening at the bottom of the world’s oceans. These bizarre anomalies cannot be explained by scientists because most of the world’s oceans are yet to be explored. With the help of satellite imagery and underwater radars, scientists are now beginning to uncover …

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25 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Actually Scary

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Sometimes it’s the small things that are the most terrifying; like an unexpected spider in the bath tub or a creaking floorboard in the dead of night. There aren’t too many two sentence horror stories that are actually scary. But then again, there are some that …

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10 Horrific Jobs That Pay Big Bucks

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If you have ever thought that your job was horrible, you may reconsider after reading this. Disgusting jobs are all around us; we just don’t hear about them that often. These horrific jobs pay big buck, but they are also more stressful, dangerous, dirtier and smellier …

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