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18 Totally Useless Facts That Are Too Entertaining

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The world is a gigantic book, filled with random, fun, wonderful and entertaining facts. And in some instances, it also includes useless facts that you will absolutely have no reason to know. For instance, which state capital is the only one without a McDonald’s in …

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18 Unbelievably Hard To Believe Facts

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The internet is filled with millions of facts, that are both true and very hard to believe. While they sound unbelievably false or questionable, we took time to find out whether they are indeed what true. Here, we have gathered a list of facts that …

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9 Reasons Why a Beach Vacation Is Good For You

beach vacation, facts, travel, blue, colors

Who doesn’t love spending time at the beach? The fresh air and sound of the waves can be an excellent escape from our busy lives. Spending time outdoors is good for you on both a physical and mental level, however, spending time specifically on the …

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12 Weird Facts Most People Don’t Know Are 100% True

weird facts, dolphins, ocean, animals, nature, facts

Sometimes, there’s no better conversation starter than a totally out-of-this-world bit of information. Such facts are not only good to keep the conversation alive, but can also allow you to share knowledge with those surrounding you. Perhaps it’s a mesmerizing bit of trivia about nature …

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