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12 Weird Facts Most People Don’t Know Are 100% True

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Sometimes, there’s no better conversation starter than a totally out-of-this-world bit of information. Such facts are not only good to keep the conversation alive, but can also allow you to share knowledge with those surrounding you. Perhaps it’s a mesmerizing bit of trivia about nature …

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10 Not-So-Pleasant Facts About the World

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In a world where technology and social media is booming at a fast rate, it’s easy to spread information. However, the majority of facts circulating the internet are either myths or baseless, created for the sole purpose of entertainment. This list however, brings facts that …

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10 Most Valuable Treasures that Nobody Can Find

valuable, facts, history, science, life, people

Throughout history, mankind has lost valuable treasures. While some were seized, taken or destroyed, others simply vanished without a trace. While most of the time such valuable treasures are recovered, there are many that have still managed to remain missing. Even today, with all the …

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10 Interesting Things That Will Likely Happen Before 2050

interesting things, facts, NASA, space, exploration

The future is bright and filled with possibilities. Today, we are more scientifically advanced than ever before, with breakthroughs made in the field of science and medicine. We know that by the mid-century, self-driving cars will be a common commodity and intelligent machines will be …

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