Mind Blowing Facts - Part 7

A Massive Asteroid That Looks Like It’s Wearing A Face Mask Is Approaching Earth

asteroid, Earth, NASA, facts, space, 1998 OR2

It’s not unusual for asteroids to zip past Earth. Scientists estimate that every year, several dozens of asteroids of different sizes fly by Earth at a distance closer than the moon. A team of experts at Arecibo Observatory however, observed an unusually shaped asteroid, which …

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10 Random Weird Facts That Most People Don’t Know

random weird, facts, science, people, life

Every time we think we understand the world, something new comes up to remind us that there’s still a lot to learn. For instance, coffee is one of the most famous beverages in the world. More than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every …

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12 Secrets You Never Knew About the Titanic and the People Aboard It

Titanic, facts, secrets, history, people

It’s been one hundred and eight years since the Titanic disaster. On April 15, 1912, at 2:20 a.m., what was deemed one of the most luxurious and safe ships ever built, hit an iceberg and sank off the coast of Newfoundland. The ship, the world’s …

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Why You Should Never Leave a Glass of Water Near Your Bed Overnight!

glass of water, people, life, science, facts, entertainment, sleep

Water plays a major role in our lives. It carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain. Water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and other substances. Depending on several factors, a human can …

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NASA Discovers Hidden Exoplanet Which Has Striking Similarities to Earth

exoplanet, Kepler 1649c, KST, space telescope, NASA, facts, Earth-like planet, space program

Kepler is the world’s first mission with the ability to find true Earth analogs — planets that orbit stars like our sun in the “habitable zone”. The habitable zone is the region around a star where the temperature is just right for water. The Kepler …

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10 of the Most Beautiful Places In the World

beautiful places, world, entertainment, life, facts, travel

They are breathtaking, they are jaw dropping, they are top of the list of places you must visit at least once in your life. Let the stunning architectural feats, and tropical paradise planet Earth has to offer, allow your mind to drift into the never ending …

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10 Amazing Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

cat breeds, animals, life, facts, animals

In the United States, cats are one of the most favored pets. There are an estimated 76.5 million cats or 30.4% of the homes in the US have cats. Whether you favor cats or dogs, having pets can be beneficial for you. The cat breeds …

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5 Amazing Coincidences You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

coincidences, facts, science, life, history, planets

There are some things in life that happen because we have planned for them to happen. Then there are things that cannot be dismissed as any random event. Maybe, it’s a coincidence or maybe there’s a bigger meaning behind them. For whatever reason, these events …

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10 Facts That Prove Animals Are More Humane Than Humans

elephants, animals, humane, life, facts

Since the beginning of time, mankind has always been curious about animals. Even today, scientists, researchers and inquisitive humans have been trying to understand these creatures and their behavior. The more we study them, the more we realize that in some cases, they are far …

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