10 Amazing Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

10 Amazing Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

In the United States, cats are one of the most favored pets. There are an estimated 76.5 million cats or 30.4% of the homes in the US have cats. Whether you favor cats or dogs, having pets can be beneficial for you. The cat breeds listed here however, might make you reconsider your preference. Today, we are listing some of the most charming and lovable cat breeds out there that will make you fall in love with them.

1. Ragdoll

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Image: Zero

The ragdoll is an extremely popular breed of cat. They are known for their pretty blue eyes but they also come in different shapes and shades of blue. They’re one of the largest domestic breeds of cat and can reach a weight of 20 lbs. Despite being a cat, they have dog-like personalities. For instance, they are extremely loyal, playful, and love being near their humans. The breed is generally quiet by nature, making them the ideal family pet.

2. Scottish Fold

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Image: Richard Blom

According to historians, the first cat known in history to have folded ears was a cat named Susie in Perthshire, Scotland. Susie had two kittens, who shared the same trait. In 1966, they were officially registered as a breed and today, the Scottish Fold comes in every color and pattern. They are not popular in Europe but rather in the US. The felines are known for their weird sitting, standing, or laying poses, which is one of the reasons why you find them on internet memes all the time.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

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Image: Pixnio

Norwegian Forest cats are known for their fluffy coats, large builds and sweet personalities. While their origins remain a complete mystery, they are known for being warrior cats and might also be descendants of long-haired cats brought to Scandinavia by the Crusaders. King Olaf V of Norway also designated them as the country’s national cat. Unlike the Scottish Fold, the Norwegian Forest cats are extremely popular in Europe, especially Scandinavia. In fact, Norwegian Forest cats are nicknamed “Wegies”, which is short for “Norwegians”.

4. Turkish Angora

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Image: Franzioseph

The Turkish Angora is generally a medium sized cat that is known for being sweet, loyal and affectionate. They love playing but are susceptible to changes in their environments. During the 1960’s, an American couple visited Turkey and fell in love with them on the first sight. After relentless efforts, they managed to obtain permission to bring a few Turkish Angora cats back to the US. They are also highly intelligent creatures that are capable of jumping and climbing from high surfaces.

5. Bombay Cat

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Image: PeakPx

Like the Savannah or the Bengal cat, the Bombay cat is a feline with a feral appearance. Despite the name, Bombay cat, they are not from Bombay, India, but the name was rather given by the American Breeder, who wanted to develop a domestic breed that resembled a black leopard. Nikki Horner named the breed “Bombay” because it resembled the black leopards of that exotic port town in India. Despite their silky appearance, they are social butterflies who love to keep close to their beloved owners.

6. Bengal Cat

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Image: Sean McGrath

The Bengal looks like a tiny jungle leopard and are best known for their distinctive spotted or marbled coats. Despite their similar appearance with each other, no two cats’ markings are exactly alike. Bengals are large, well-muscled felines that are highly intelligent, vocal, and very active throughout the day. They love to climb furniture, leap up onto high surfaces, play fetch, and splash around in bathtubs and sinks. If you are someone who has too much energy, then this is the purrfect cat for you.

7. Maine Coon

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Image: Tambako The Jaguar

Maine Coons are known as the “gentle giants” of cats. They are built to withstand harsh winters since their tufted paws serve as built-in “snowshoes” and their thick fur keeps them warm. Their thick tails also help them regulate body temperature by allowing the cats to use it as a blanket to wrap around their bodies when they’re cold. Unlike some other cats, Maine Coons love water and their coats are moisture-repellant.

8. British Longhair

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Image: Pixabay

The British Longhair is a very pleasant cat to have as a companion. They are affectionate and sociable, and enjoy the company of their owners and family. They are more likely to want to join you at the foot of the bed, or the arm of the couch but are not lap cats. Although they look like teddy-bears, they are not fond of being handled or carried either. Rather, they enjoy playing fetch or taking a walk in a harness and leash.

9. Abyssinian

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Image: Mimzy

The Abyssinian is a high-energy cat that’s as lively as it is lovely. Nicknamed the Aby, the short-haired feline is a popular pet choice among cat owners. They are highly intelligent and playful, which means that they love to climb on anything and everything. The Abyssinian can jump very high and love climbing curtains. According to some estimates, they are capable of jumping as high as six feet.

10. American Curl

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Image: Nickolas Titkov/Heikki Siltala

While the Scottish Fold’s ears fold forward, the Curl’s flip backward. They are highly intelligent animals, who are known for their ability to open doors and cabinets. They also love to be up high and are known to be a big fan of fetch. In terms of attentiveness, they are similar to a dog yet and they aren’t as vocal as other cats.

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