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11 Rare Animals That Are at the Brink of Extinction

Manis temminckii, animal, endangered, nature

Humans are the most dangerous animals on the planet. Since our introduction to this world, we have depleted and destroyed many wondrous things. Each day, many animals who roamed the planet way before our existence are disappearing. Hunting, poaching, pollution, deforestation and habitat destruction are …

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10 Unearthly Creatures That Roam the Deep Sea

animals, fish, ocean, deep blue sea, Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Antarctic, Earth

The ocean is a massive place. It’s so massive that it covers almost 71% of our planet. Even though we are surrounded by oceans, mankind has yet to conquer this gigantic beast. We have only explored and uncovered 5% of it, leaving two thirds of …

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11 Facts About Human Blood That You Didn’t Know

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The human body is an amazing thing. Though we are aware that each one of us is unique, we do not fully know the extent of the human body’s features, functions or quirks. Blood, a life-giving fluid, is a transport system that is responsible for …

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