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19 Key Facts That Could Someday Save Your Life!

In this fast and busy life we live, accidents can happen anywhere or anytime. There are some situations that are far beyond our control like accidents caused by people who drink and drive or text while driving. These accidents could be avoided and millions of lives could …

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7 Astounding Facts About The Great Depression

In 1929, the Wall Street crash sparked an outbreak of unemployment, bank closures, homelessness and hunger to American people, ultimately leading to the Great Depression. The crash forced failing companies to lay off workers and nearly 13 to 15 million Americans became unemployed. It was one of the worst economic crisis …

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6 Living Creatures That Are Closer To Being Immortal

About 75% of the population, dream of being immortal. Scientists have been conducting studies on endless renewal of cells to achieve immortality. Some creatures on earth have the ability to recreate cells or decrease their cellular degradation. These creatures are able to keep a stable cellular …

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