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10 Pictures of Famous First Times in History

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Since the invention of the first camera, mankind has been able to document a lot of historic moments mankind has achieved on this planet. Some of the images are a gentle reminder of how far we have come since it was first discovered. Everything that …

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10 Random Facts That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

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The world is an amazing, yet crazy place. With information available with just a few clicks, we can learn about our weird planet and its inhabitants without much effort. For instance, did you know that your cell phone is infested with bacteria or that traces of …

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10 Firefighters Who Are Seriously Rebels

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Firefighters are one of the most courageous people on the planet. During our time of desperation, they are there for us, risking their own lives. When we run away from danger, they run towards it. These brave men and women are trained to be tough …

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10 Scary Facts About Plastic That’ll Change Your Habits

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Plastic is all around us. Everywhere you look, there’s at least one object that has some form of plastic material involved. While reusable plastic causes no harm, the effect that disposable plastic has on our world is difficult to fathom. It was recently estimated by the World …

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11 Undeniable Benefits Of Listening To Music

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Music is a powerful tool that helps us in many ways. If we’re feeling low, it helps to motivate us and when we can’t focus to get through that late evening at work, it helps us get through the long lagging hours. Its scientifically proven …

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