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11 Uplifting Facts to Brighten Up Your Day

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Bad news spreads fast through the internet. The media tends to focus on negativity, since it attracts viewers and they can profit from it. With all the bad things that are happening around us, some of the best things on our planet go easily unnoticed. …

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10 of the Strongest Military Forces in the World

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A country’s strength is often determined by its manpower and the ability to defend itself from rivals. Every nation has its special strength in their defense arsenal. Factors such as advanced technologies, training, power, number of allies, size of the army and budget allocated, geography, logistical capacity, …

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10 Medical Myths You Need to Stop Believing

medical myths, facts, science, life, health

When we were young, we heard plenty of old wives tales and stories that we have latched on to. Some things we believe to be true because we have been told they’re true for far too long. It’s hard to imagine otherwise and such situations …

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