10 Weird Things That Have "Rained" From the Sky

10 Weird Things That Have “Rained” From the Sky

The only thing we expect to fall from the sky is rain, snow, sleet and sometimes hail. These are the common things that fall from the sky, and things that we are familiar with. However, have you ever heard of fish or frogs raining from the sky? Throughout history, there have been several recorded cases of strange things falling from the sky. While it was hard for our ancestors to understand or learn why such strange occurrences happen in our planet, today, we are scientifically advanced, allowing us to obtain an explanation. Due to natural causes, there have been several incidents where fish, frogs and even spiders have rained throughout our planet. Here, we are listing some of those strange occurrences.

1. Spiders

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Image: YouTube

On April 6, 2007, Christian Oneto Gaona and his friends were driving down to Salta Province in Argentina for a pre-wedding photoshoot, when they came across a hail of spiders raining from the sky. As Christian and his friends started hiking up the San Bernardo Mountain, they started noticing spiders of many colors, each about four inches across, covering the entire ground. Although most of us would turn around at that point, they kept hiking and discovered spiders raining on them. The photographer, who was present to take some memorable moments for the couple, ended up taking videos of what turned out to be a nightmare.

It’s not the first time that it has rained spiders, though. There have been numerous reports of spiders falling from the sky and scaring people. According to scientists, the phenomenon occurs due to the weather conditions in the area. When the area the spiders have occupied becomes flooded, they will spin their webs and let the wind carry it for as far as half a mile away until it becomes entangled in a tree. Then, they will make their way to the new area that is higher than the flooded ground. The phenomenon also occurs when strong winds cause spider webs that are 65 feet high to become detached. (source)

2. Frogs

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Image: NOAA/Konrad

On Aug. 4, 1921, it rained frogs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While no one understood why or how it happened, many came up with convincing theories. The only explanation however, was strong winds, such as those in a tornado or hurricane, which are powerful enough to lift animals, people, trees, and even houses. Waterspouts are also known to lift animals, and in this case frogs, from a nearby pond and “rain” them elsewhere.

According to Complete Weather Resource (1997), “a tornadic waterspout is merely a tornado that forms over land and travels over the water”. Although waterspouts are not as powerful as land tornadoes, they are still capable of reaching up to 310 miles per hour. These powerful swirls of winds are strong enough to lift anything they touch and drop them off, miles away. (source)

3. Non-dairy Creamer

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Image: PxHere

In 1969, Chester, South Carolina witnessed something unusual; a creamer rain. Residents were surprised to see a white powdery substance in the air, shortly after the Borden company started production of a corn syrup–based non-dairy creamer at its local plant. It wasn’t a government testing gone wrong but in fact, the Borden company’s vents getting clogged. Whenever the mishap occurred, the creamer spewed into the air and landed on people’s homes and cars nearby.

However, in 1969, the vents clogged up, causing a major spill. To make things worse, it rained, causing the creamer to mix with dew and rain to become a sticky mess. According to a local resident, Grace Dover, “It gets on your windows and you can’t see out. It looks like you haven’t washed your windows for a hundred years”. In 1991, the government slapped Borden with a $4,000 fine for releasing the harmless creamer outside their plant boundaries. (source)

4. Golf balls

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Image: YouTube

On Sept. 1, 1969, a rainstorm became bizarre when it started raining golf balls instead of water. Residents of Punta Gorda, Florida were baffled to see golf balls falling from the sky but did not know why or how the phenomenon was happening. Of course people and the media had their own theories which ranged from UFO’s to secret government testing gone wrong. The bizarre golf rain was actually caused by a waterspout.

Punta Gorda, which is located on Florida’s western Gulf coast, is home to many golf courses and also experiences severe weather. A passing waterspout could have picked up the golf balls from the golf courses and thrown them a mile or two away. This is not unusual but at the time, the unsuspecting town wasn’t aware of the phenomenon. (source)

5. Worms

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Image: Pixabay

In 2011, it rained worms in Scotland. The incident occurred near a stadium of one of the schools, where the physical training was just taking place. One of the teachers, David Crichton, scrambled and sent everyone to the shelter and then collected a few of the worms as evidence. While waterspouts and tornadoes are known to carry things for miles, the incident occurred on a clear, sunny day. For months, scientists analyzed the phenomenon but were unable to come to a conclusion as to why it had happened. To this day, it remains unsolved.

A similar incident took place in 2007, when Eleanor Beal from Jennings, Louisiana, was crossing the street. As the woman was walking to work, a large clump of worms flew from nowhere and landed on her. Louisiana is known for tornadoes and waterspouts. Luckily, she was uninjured and there was an explanation for the phenomenon; a waterspout that was spotted a few miles away. (source)

6. A cow

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In 1997, a Japanese fishing trawler was on its usual routine when an unidentified object flew from above and crashed, causing it to sink. The object was none other than a cow that fell off an airplane that was carrying it. When the trawler sank, the sailors called for help and were rescued by a Russian patrol boat in the Sea of Japan. The men were questioned on how they managed to be stranded and stray close to the patrol boat, when they replied that a cow sank their boat. The sailors were considered liars and sent to prison. However, two weeks later, an embarrassed Russian Air Force commander informed them that the incident was caused because of them; which led to the sailors’ release. (source)

7. Money

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In December of 1975, hundreds of bills fell from the skies over Chicago, Illinois. Residents scrambled to collect as much as they could but the money rain did not last for long. The same thing happened in Kuwait in 2015, when thousands of 500 AED notes worth about $136 each rained from the sky. Traffic came to a halt as drivers, passengers and people ran to pick up the bills. No explanation has been given for the money shower or how it was counted and no person, bank or rich prince has claimed it until today.

In 2005, a similar incident took place in Germany when a passing motorist noticed a whirl of money passing by. The unidentified woman stopped her car, gathered as much as she could and returned the notes to authorities who started an investigation. When authorities arrived at the scene where the notes were discovered, they found no other bills. Although there was no explanation to the phenomenon, authorities are keeping the amount collected and the location private, hoping to one day find an explanation. (source)

8. Sardines

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Image: Pixabay

In La Unión, a small community on the periphery of Yoro, a farming town in north-central Honduras, a rare phenomenon occurs once or twice every year. The skies rain fish. It happens every single year, at least once during the late spring and early summer. The phenomenon occurs during an extremely powerful torrential downpour that mixes with thunder and lightning. After the storm clears, everyone in the community picks up buckets and heads outside for the fish rain. Hundreds of small, silver-colored fish fall from the sky and the locals call it a miracle.

However, scientists believe that the phenomenon occurs because of the powerful rainstorms. Once the rain stops and the flooding clears, the water recedes, causing the fish to get stranded. Thus, when waterspouts pass by, they suck up the fish from nearby bodies of water and deposit them nearly 50 miles away. (source)

9. Red rain

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Image: Antonio Arcos

Between July 25 and September 23, 2001, the people of the southern India state of Kerala witnessed an unusual rain. The color of the water was red during several occasions but no one knew what was causing the water to turn red. According to several eye-witnesses, the red rain was also followed by thunder and lightning. Some parts of the state reported seeing tinted green, bluish grey and yellow rain. While news agencies claimed that some trees started shedding their leaves after the bizarre rain, not much was scientifically verified.

Scientists however, studied the red rain samples and discovered that it contained spores. The lack of DNA in the collected water also lead many to believe that the spores discovered were of alien origins. The samples were further analyzed by the Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute, who discovered that the particles were spores of “a lichen-forming algae belonging to the genus Trentepohlia” that they believed came from local sources. In 2013, it was discovered that the spores were introduced through the clouds from Austria. (source)

10. Fruit hail

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Image: Olivier Miche

In 2011, Coundon, Coventry, England witnessed a fruit rain when hundreds of apples started raining from the sky. The town was alerted for storms on Dec. 15, and as people were rushing back home, they had to come to a stop to witness the unusual phenomena. A mini tornado landed in an apple orchard and was powerful enough to suck apples off of the trees and dump it in Coventry. The tornado traveled for miles before its power dissipated, but not before depositing the fruit all over unsuspecting travelers. (source)

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