11 Facts So Weird You Won't Believe They're True

11 Facts So Weird You Won’t Believe They’re True

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No matter how much we learn, there’s always something that we never knew existed or happened a certain way. Today, the ease of access to internet allows anyone to do a quick search and learn new things. Between impressive inventions and natural oddities, there’s so much in this world that no one person can know it all. It is however, good to learn new things since it keeps our brain active and young. So, today, we are listing some facts that sound weird but are true and hard to believe.

1. Vending machines are hazardous than sharks.

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Image: Nicholas/Francesco

Yes, it’s true that vending machines cause more harm to humans than sharks. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report in 1995, which shows that the CPSC is aware of at least 37 casualties and 113 injuries in the US since 1978 that have resulted from consumers rocking or tilting the machines in an attempt to obtain free soda or money. At the same time, your chances of even seeing a shark, are so slim, that to encounter one in the wild is to be incredibly lucky.

2. The average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet.

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Image: Farhad

A new study by Diet Chef has revealed that the average woman will spend a total of 17 years of their lifetime on a diet. The study also looked into regions including the North West and found that some only manage to stick to a diet for an average of four days.

3. People spend more time sitting on the toilet each week than exercising.

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Image: Giorgio Trovato

Exercise is good for both your physical and mental health. While exercise is important and necessary, studies show that most people aren’t getting enough of it. In fact, a new survey suggests that many people spend more time sitting on the toilet every week than they do working out. A survey conducted by UKActive, a British organization devoted to improving the health of people living in the United Kingdom, the average British adult spends 3 hours and 9 minutes on the toilet every week, compared to 1 hour and 30 minutes getting physical activity.

Out of the 2,000 people surveyed, only 12 percent of them knew how much exercise the National Health Service (NHS) recommends. If you don’t know, it’s at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity and two or more days of strength and conditioning a week.

4. Airplane food doesn’t taste good because our sense of smell and taste decreases a lot during flights due to low pressure and dryness.

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Image: Toni Osmundson

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you would know that food tastes extremely bland even if it looks delicious. It turns out, when we are above the clouds, factors such as altitude, lack of humidity, lower air pressure, and the background noise, can cause us to lose our sense of smell and alter our taste buds. The atmosphere inside the cabin affects your sense of smell first. Then, as the plane gets higher, the air pressure drops while humidity levels in the cabin plummet. At about 30,000 feet, humidity is less than 12% – drier than most deserts.

A 2010 study conducted by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, commissioned by German airline Lufthansa, found that the combination of dryness and low pressure reduces the sensitivity of your taste buds to sweet and salty foods by around 30%.

5. There are more than 7,500 types of apples in the world, which means you’ll need more than 20 years to try each of them, providing that you eat one type a day.

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Image: Bozhin Karaivanov

In the United States alone, 2,500 varieties of apples are grown commercially whereas 7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.

6. As it turns out, the word for an individual piece of spaghetti is: spaghetto.

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Image: Shardar

7. In order to burn one calorie, you’ll have to click a mouse 10 million times. It would take 11 and a half days provided that you make 10 clicks per second.

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Image: XPS

While it’s not the most reliable way to burn a calorie, it is in fact possible to do it by just clicking your mouse. It will only take you about 11 and half days, if you keep up the pace of 10 clicks per second.

8. Dolphins sing to their babies in the womb to make the unborn offspring recognize the mother’s “voice.”

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Image: TJ Fitzsimmons

It’s not just the human species that sing to their babies in the womb. Dolphin mamas do the same. A new research shows that dolphin mothers teach their babies a “signature whistle” right before birth and in the two weeks after. The signature whistles are used by the animals to identify one another.

9. Just like humans, mice can make faces when they feel pain.

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Image: Alexandr Gusev

Humans aren’t the only species that makes weird faces when encountering pain. Mice do the same. In 2010, researchers at McGill University and the University of British Columbia in Canada found that mice subjected to moderate pain “grimace,” just like humans. The results of the study will be used by researchers worldwide to eliminate unnecessary suffering for lab animals.

10. Chameleons don’t change color to blend into their surroundings. The color change is caused by its emotional and physiological state.

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Image: Balogun Warees

Chameleons mostly change color to regulate their temperatures or to signal their intentions to other chameleons. A cold chameleon may become dark to absorb more heat, whereas a hotter chameleon may turn pale to reflect the sun’s heat.

11. Bread is actually unhealthy for ducks.

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Image: Mohammad Wasim

While they enjoy eating bread, it has no nutritional value for them. So, when they stuff their bellies with bread crumbs, there’s no room for food that is actually beneficial.

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