This Is Why the Coke at McDonald’s Tastes So Good

This Is Why the Coke at McDonald’s Tastes So Good

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Have you ever had Coke at McDonald’s and wondered why it tastes better than any other soda you have had in your life? If you have, then you are not alone and the taste difference is not something in your head. It’s true that the Coke at Mickey D’s tastes better than canned or bottled Coke and there’s a reason for that.

When it comes to Coca Cola, McDonald’s takes it very seriously.

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When it comes to fast food, McDonald’s rules the market with close to 14,000 stores in the US alone. Every day, McDonald’s is favored by more than 60 million people across the globe, earning them $75,000,000 per day. Yes, the dollar menu is putting a lot of dollars into their pockets. However, people seem to keep going back for more McNuggets and drinks. One of the most popular of them all being Coke. Why is that? Does McDonald’s have any special formula to make the fizzy drink? It all has to do with several steps McDonald’s takes to maintain the quality of the drink.

Not only does McDonald’s take better care of its Coca-Cola than most restaurants, the companies have a tight relationship, which gives them several advantages such as running long promotions and new products, according to the New York Times.

It all starts with the packaging or storing of the syrup.

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Every fast food restaurant that has partnered with Coca Cola receives their product on a daily basis. Every day, packages of soda syrups are delivered in plastic bags to restaurants. For McDonald’s however, the soda syrups are delivered in stainless steel tanks. According to The New York Times, this helps preserve the ingredients and keeps the Coke tasting fresher.

Water filtration is the second stage that makes the Coke taste better than any other restaurants.

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According to the McDonald’s website, once the syrups reach the restaurant, both the syrup and the water goes through “proper filtration methods” and gets pre-chilled before going into the soda fountain. Other restaurants depend on the soda machine or dispenser itself to chill the lukewarm unfiltered water.

McDonald’s also takes steps to make sure that the liquid stays at a desired temperature.

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The fast food giant also spends a lot of money on filters and insulated tubes that delivers the liquid from the fridge to the fountain. The insulated tubes maintain the temperature of the liquid, keeping it chilled and fresh. The insulated tubes not only run into the dining area, but also to the soda fountain near the drive-thru window in order to maintain consistency.

The New York Times states that water is consistently pumped through this tube in order to maintain a temperature just above freezing. This step is crucial in order to maintain peak C02 levels, ensuring crisp, bubbly soda out of the machine. Another interesting fact is that this technique causes the carbonation in the drink to last longer than those in other restaurants.

Interesting fact: Never order a McDonald’s coke without ice. The ice is essential to maintaining the perfect syrup ratio.

The straw used in the drink also plays a huge role.

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If you are a McFan, you would have noticed that the straw served with the drinks is unusually bigger than those at other restaurants. This is not a mistake and in fact, according to the McDonald’s website, this is “so all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds.”

So, there you have it! The secret to how McDonald’s manages to serve the best tasting Coke in the world.

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