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10 Medical Myths You Need to Stop Believing

medical myths, facts, science, life, health

When we were young, we heard plenty of old wives tales and stories that we have latched on to. Some things we believe to be true because we have been told they’re true for far too long. It’s hard to imagine otherwise and such situations …

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10 Scientists Who Experimented on Themselves

scientists, history, facts, life, people, science

For centuries, curious men and women have subjected themselves to their own experiments, all in the name of science. When others failed to believe in them, these scientists decided to put their lives on the line and become guinea pigs, so that they could prove …

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12 Rules That Rich People Follow to Save Money

rules, facts, success, life, people

Making healthy financial habits a part of your life is a big step towards success. To achieve our dreams, we need to make good choices with our earnings. While most of us save up to spend it on bills and survival, there are others who …

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