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10 Wild Facts About ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin

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The crocodile hunter gained his popularity as a celebrity wildlife expert. He was an enthusiast in reaching his work through international television to the animal lovers and reptile paramours. His way of interaction, adventure and risking instincts brought exciting episodes of an exhilarating series. His …

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10 Famous Foods Discovered by Mistake

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For most of us, coffee is the driving force of our everyday lives. It’s the only thing that helps us continue our daily routine until we are finally free of our responsibilities for the day. But, have you ever wondered where coffee originated from? In …

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11 Viral Photos That Turned out to be Fakes

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It’s easy to get something go viral these days. With programs like Photoshop, photos can be doctored easily. And people are generally known for lying, just to convey their message to the world, even if it means there’s no truth behind it. We have seen …

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