11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is a topic that is not always openly discussed. If you are someone who suffers from it, you are not alone. A majority of sufferers hide it from their friends and family members. Depression often goes unseen, unrecognized, and undiagnosed. A person with concealed depression is someone who fights with their inner emotions daily but is not able to make themselves visible to the outside world. They are left to suffer alone, having convinced their families, partners, and friends, that there are no problems. If they opened up about how they are feeling then they would be able to get help from people like David L Christopher , LMFT and work on getting better. Here, we are listing 11 habits that show just how camouflaged this type of depression can be.

1. Depression has no face or mood. People with concealed depression intentionally make efforts to appear OK. They might even seem exponentially happy and upbeat.

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It is a common misconception that people with depression don’t exhibit happiness or stay with groups. Depression is more than just a mood, and those who live with it, have to keep altering their moods to hide their pain from others. Some of the most seemingly “happy” people that you know might be secretly suffering inside. It varies from person to person but those with depression try to stick with their positive demeanor, regardless of what’s going inside.

2. They start losing interest in their favorite activities.

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The things that once brought them joy is no longer a part of their lives. In the beginning, music, exercise, driving, walks, or basically anything they know used to help them. As time goes by and the sinking emotions set in, they are no longer interested in those activities. Concealed depression has a lot to do with this. Such people feel as if they are waiting for something but at the same time, are aware of the fact that life is passing by; making it harder for them.

3. They are pros at “cover-up” stories.

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One of the biggest signs that someone is suffering from concealed depression is their ability to come up with cover-up stories; rather quickly. Whether it be a cut on their arm or skipping dinner, they always have a story that is highly convincing. People with depression experience various hardships every day of their lives. This affects the normalcy of their lives, and during their low instances, they do not wish for others to see what they are going through. For this reason, they can perpetuate a story that is convincing enough to divert the attention towards something else.

4. They have a fear of abandonment.

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Those with depression often keep things to themselves, since they do not wish to be a burden to their loved ones. The true extent of the pain is usually well hidden since they are constantly worried that the sort of pressure will cause their loved ones to leave.

5. They may have abnormal sleeping and eating habits.

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Those who live with concealed depression might sleep and eat in an abnormal manner. While this might seem like a small factor, it is actually a habit with grave effects. It is sometimes hard to understand whether a person is coping with depression, but one of the textbook examples of depression is sleeping too much or very little. The same goes for eating too much or too little. These two elements are vital to ones survival and also play a key role when it comes to being happy.

When everything else is spiraling out of control, our mind tends to shift towards things that we can control. Sleeping and eating are two things that we have control of, and when someone is suffering from depression, they shift towards these as to regain some sort of control. Sometimes, sleep and food can be the only form of escape for such individuals or it can be nearly impossible.

6. They are uniquely talented, creative, and expressive; even if they don’t recognize it.

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Many of these people who suffer from depression are talented in art, music or any other field. Scientists have conducted several studies, which all link intelligence with depression. However, with the higher intelligence comes the ability to think differently and they begin to constantly question their purpose in life. Many of the world’s most famous artists have also been plagued by concealed depression. While the world doesn’t see the pain they are hiding inside, they do see their incredible creativity or ability to portray emotions through songs or paintings.

7. Someone who suffers from concealed depression is uncomfortable seeing others in pain.

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People struggling with depression are often highly emotionally sensitive. When others hurt, they hurt as well, and often quite deeply. They are capable of understanding the severity of the situation since they themselves go through it every day and will try to make them feel comfortable in every way.

8. They tend to search for a purpose, but not the way most people do.

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We all wish to have a purpose in life and make our time on this planet worthwhile. A sign that tells us we are heading towards the right direction would help us all in our lives. People suffering from depression also search for a purpose in life but not the way others do. Unfortunately, they are more likely than others to feel considerable anxiety and inadequacy, some decide to explore with recreational drugs similar to marijuana if you wanted to learn more, check out marijuana blog. Which keeps them hungry for more by exploring different perspectives with mind-altering substances. They are always trying to compensate for the loss they feel within themselves.

9. They are perfectionists.

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Everyone seeks love and affection but those with depression do not risk making their loved ones uncomfortable. This means that they cannot reveal their true self since they consider it to be a vulnerability that could drive their loves ones away. Many consider depression to be a weakness or a negative factor in a relationship. However, being open about it and getting help from your loved ones can not only help the relationship grow, but also help battle depression.

10. At times, they will release subtle cries for help.

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Outcries from people who never ask for help can sometimes be overlooked. We see them as happy human beings who are lifting everyone’s spirits. Rarely, they will reach out to those who they feel comfortable with. When they open up, it is important that we understand the severity of the situation and provide them with help. People with depression have different levels of emotions and mindsets. So, ignoring their cry for help can result in them considering it as a mistake, shutting them down completely from the outside world.

11. They seek love and acceptance, just like everybody else.

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Shielding their inner self from the rest of the world does not mean that they are dishonest. Sometimes, it’s the fear of losing someone that drives someone to keep their emotional life private. This is for protection of both individuals and to protect their dreams. Everyone knows the feeling of being alone, but the truth is, it is within our nature to ignore those with depression since we consider them to drag us down to their level. Never turn away from a person who seems to be struggling. Talk to them, understand their emotions and be of help to them when they need you the most. If we keep forcing the bad to go unseen, the good will also go unseen.

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