10 Hilarious Inventions We Can’t Believe Actually Exist

10 Hilarious Inventions We Can’t Believe Actually Exist

Technology is advancing day by day. Scientists are coming up with new innovations that are truly groundbreaking. With new tools that are freely available to the public, almost all of us can come up with something quirky. People are inventing things all the time. While most of them are helpful to increase the quality of our lives, there are some that stand out as just plain weird. We have gathered some inventions that really exist in our planet. After reading them, you might question why they were even invented in the first place!

1. The Rejuvenique

The Rejuvenique, facial mask, health, exist
Image: Amazon

The rejuvenique is apparently a mask that delivers a light pulsation from a 9-volt battery through the 26 gold-plated contact points inside. Apparently, the mask is supposed to “gradually” tone the skin and “reduce” the appearance of wrinkling. The company selling the item claims the mask to be as effective as surgery in tightening and brightening facial skin. Also, if you ever feel the need to turn towards a life of crime, then you don’t have to go searching for a mask.

2. The Dogbrella

dogs, rain, umbrella, dogbrella
Image: Amazon

Does your dog love to take long walks but hate getting wet in the rain? Well, then “dogbrella” is your ultimate solution. It is understandable that we don’t want our pets to be wet or to come inside our homes, all wet. However, can you imagine running around with “dogbrella”, while they are chasing a squirrel?

3. A Bamboo Wife

bamboo, wife, family, love, care
Image: Pikabu

This highly unusual product is made of bamboo and can be used as a substitute for your partner, especially during warmer climates. The so-called “bamboo wife” is extremely popular in Asia. It’s basically a body pillow, but made with bamboo. According to its inventors, the gaps within the “bamboo wife” is intricately designed to allow air to flow through and cool your skin. At the same time, it allows you to sleep comfortably if you have the habit of cuddling. Oh, and it’s available for all ages.

4. Shower Sponge Microphone

shower sponge, life, health, products
Image: Amazon

If you have the habit of singing in the shower, but want your experience to be a bit more realistic, then the shower sponge microphone is your ultimate companion. The shower sponge microphone only allows your natural voice to be heard within a limited range. The product was so popular in the UK that the seller couldn’t keep up with the demand.

5. This “Emotion Tracker”

emotion, life, people, happiness
Image: Vimeo

This odd device is supposed to be a robotic mask that changes its color depending on the wearers emotions. The soft silicone mask, when placed on the face or forehead, changes its pattern depending on the expression made by its wearer. According to its inventors, it uses a MyoWare Muscle Sensor, an Arduino-powered, all-in-one electromyography (EMG) sensor, to measure the activity of muscles. Depending on whether the person is smiling, frowning or any other expression, the mask releases colorful fluids through the special capillaries. Although this thing is something straight out of the future, there’s no practical application with it.

6. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

lunch, bag, food, facts, life
Image: the.

Offices are rife with thieves just waiting to nab your delicious sandwiches. Although they seem ridiculous, they could keep your lunch away from prying hands. Designed by a company called “the.”, the bags disguise your sandwich or snack with tinted green patches in the plastic that make it look like mold is growing on both sides. The splotched bags are slowly building steam, that makes it look realistic. Hopefully, no one will throw your food away, thinking that it’s spoiled.

7. Foot Powered Bike

bicycle, foot, walking, life, people
Image: Fliz Bike

Riding a bike is the old fashioned way. The latest trend is walking while pushing your bike. The foot powered bike has no pedals, gears, or seats. Known as the Fliz Bike, the Fliz is composed of a lightweight frame that uses a harness to suspend the rider in between a set of wheels. Sounds fun to me!

8. A Nose Lifter

nose, device, facts, life
Image: Japan Trend Shop

The world of inventions is divided into two: those that work and those that don’t. This is definitely something that falls into the second category. According to the manufacturer of Beauty Lift High Nose, all you have to do to have a higher nose is to put your pink machine on around 3 minutes a day. Leave the rest to the machine and nothing happens. Geeky Gadget named it one of the dumbest inventions in history.

9. 1-Wheeled Transporter

Honda, rider, unicycle, travel
Image: carscoops

For those who are tired of being stuck in traffic, Honda came up with a brilliant solution. Known as the “1-wheeled transporter”, the compact unicycle provides a smooth 360 degree travel (for those who have good balance). In order to move in any direction, the user just has to shift their body weight to the appropriate direction. The software automatically reads the users weight and the shift in weight to direct the unicycle as they please. (I suggest trying not to sneeze while riding.)

10. Beard Beanie

beard, beanie, people, product
Image: Beard Beanie

For those who love beanies and love to look ridiculous, the “beard beanie” is the perfect product. The beanie is embedded with a ski mask, which supposedly, makes you look “cool”, but also keeps you “warm”. Practically, the beard beanie has no use except to look ridiculous.

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