These Windowless Airplanes Will Give Passengers High-Res Panoramic Views

These Windowless Airplanes Will Give Passengers High-Res Panoramic Views

For more than a century, airplanes have been an efficient mode of travel. It’s the fastest means of transport available today and millions of people around the world choose this every year. The window seats however, are the best place to be while on air. To be able to witness the clouds and see the landscapes below are just a few of the perks of sitting at the window seat. But not everyone is able to get one; whether it be due to availability or affordability. A Paris-based design company called Technicon Design is hoping to change that and make planes windowless. The company hopes to utilize the latest forms of technology to change ones travel experience for the better.

Technicon Design’s idea is not to make the idea of travel scary, but rather to enhance it.

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Image: Technicon Design

The idea is simple; remove all windows. Making an airplane windowless has many advantages, such as reducing weight and simplifying plane construction. Instead of focusing on windows, the designers are focusing on enhancing the cabin’s durability as well, as increasing the users experience. So, how will travelers see the outside world? Instead of a small view through a window, Technicon Design wants to give people a 360 degree experience.

The futuristic airplanes are windowless and are equipped with OLED-touch-screens that would extend the entire length of the plane.

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Image: Technicon Design

The OLED screens are connected to cameras outside the aircraft. The screens will project the images to the travelers and as a result will display the outside world in real-time. It’s not just the blue skies that you will be able to enjoy. The company hopes to equip entertainment programs, so if travelers are tired or too afraid to see themselves flying through the clouds, they can switch it.

So what exactly is an OLED-touch screen?

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Image: Technicon Design

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. They are solid-state devices composed of thin films of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. The reason why OLEDs are used instead of LED and LCD displays is the fact that they consume less power than the others. Through a process called electrophosphorescence, they emit light in a similar manner to LEDs.

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Image: Technicon Design

While it sounds fancy, you might be surprised to hear that this technology is what is used in todays TVs, mobile phones and desktop computer screens.

The OLED screens will give everyone a virtual window seat, including those trapped in the crowded aisles.

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Image: Technicon Design

It is projected that the windowless airplanes will hit the market within the next 10-15 years. With the OLED screens displaying live 360 degree video feed, passengers get the ideal window seat. Technicon’s Design Director Gareth Davies said in a news-release:

“The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy.”

The touch screens will also allow users to access internet, browse social media platforms, watch movies, read e-books and call the stewardess with a simple touch. It is however, prone to many drawbacks. One such drawback is that while the screens aim to provide a better view of the world, it creates light pollution within the cabin. What if your neighboring passenger is not interested in viewing the sky but would rather lean back and relax?

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Image: YouTube

Another drawback is the lack of privacy. While accessing social media or other personal information in a wider screen, others will be able to view your sensitive information. If a person is claustrophobic, then the idea of not having windows could make their flying experience an ultimate nightmare. And, in general, if it’s someone who is afraid of flying, then having a panoramic view of your surroundings would not help at all.

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Image: Technicon Design

Though it is an idea that is prone to drawbacks, it allows us to be one step ahead when it comes to technology. The ultimate choice however, is up to the person flying. It is their choice as to whether they would prefer flying in the futuristic mode of transportation, when it becomes available.

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