15 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

15 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

Everyone goes through a rough patch in life; well, at least some of us do. Staying strong, hoping that we are not the only ones suffering and thinking that someone else is having it worse than us is the only thing that keeps us moving forward. As the struggle comes and goes, we get worn out from the thought that this could be a never ending loop. Instead of collapsing completely under the weight of your own self pity, lift your heads up and move forward. Someone else somewhere does have it worse than you and we have pictures to prove it.

If you had a bad day, or a bad week, then this list is for you. Some of the people on this list had to go through some really hard times and you will be glad you weren’t one of them.

1. This is what happens when a new road is not sealed correctly.

car, road, worse, melting, day
Image: Swampster81/reddit

This happened in Lufkin, TX. As the story goes, the contractor laid the base coat of tar, followed by the gravel layer. They however, did not hot roll the surface to press the gravel into the tar. Then they laid a topcoat of tar. This was right before Hurricane Harvey landed in the area. The rain cooled the topcoat, insulating the lower layers and water seeped in between the tar layers. When the rain ended and the 90+ degree heat came back; the roads started to melt.

2. This is how life tells you that no matter how hard you try, you will always lose.

Lottery, jackpot, winner, lose, life
Image: reddit

According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, more than seventy billion dollars worth of lottery is sold each year in the US. An average of 97,361,111 people buy lottery tickets, hoping to change their lives for the better.

3. Maybe a bit too much rain!

Rain, Minnesota, floods
Image: reddit

This was taken in Minnesota after 12 inches of rainfall was recorded earlier this year. According to the reddit user who shared the image:

“This happened to my room in Minnesota. Basement level. My room was situated right by a storm drain (There’s a plastic cover that goes on top but it collapsed from the sheer intensity of the rain.). I was pretty oblivious until it started filling up. When I saw it start to fill up, I unplugged my extension cable under my desk which was facing the window.”

4. Sorry professor, my dog ate the diploma.

PhD, homework, dog, Missouri
Image: twitter

On August this year, MU alumna Karen Jones came back home to find that her dog, Scioto, managed to shred her diploma: a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary neuroscience from MU, representing 4 1/2 years of work. Thankfully, the diploma Scioto destroyed was the one with a clerical error. The university sent her the corrected diploma a few months later.

5. I think the clothes are dry.

clothes, dryer, washing, laundromat
Image: Imgur

6. This is what happens when you forget to roll your window up before a snowstorm.

snow storm, window, car, cold
Image: reddit

Start shoveling before it melts!

7. A porcupine fell from a tree and onto her head…

Porcupine, tree, fell, hair
Image: reddit

The apex of unluckiness.

Fun Fact: The porcupine is the only native North American mammal with antibiotics in its skin. Those antibiotics prevent infection when a porcupine falls out of a tree and is stuck with its own quills upon hitting the ground. Porcupines fall out of trees fairly often because they are highly tempted by the tender buds and twigs at the ends of the branches.

8. Hail damage to sun roof.

Water, sunroof, funny
Image: reddit

9. When you hit a cloud of mosquitos without a full face helmet.

Mosquito, cloud, bike, riding
Image: reddit

At least they are not a cloud of cockroaches or angry wasps.

10. A concrete example of a bad day.

concrete, cement, scooter
Image: reddit

Anyone else trying to visualize the scene?

11. Mastering the new parking style.

parking, car
Image: reddit

That’s a much more efficient use of space than conventional parking. I hope this catches on. If I fits, I sits!

12. Well, now what?

truck, firefighters, rig
Image: reddit

If you’re wondering how this happened, it’s because the rig touched the power lines.

13. The exact moment her phone was lost forever.

Selfie, jumping, funny
Image: Imgur

Now she has to socialize like a normal person; until she gets another one.

14. When your doctor is also a comedian.

Doctor, eyes, funny
Image: reddit

It would have been hilarious if they had used a “fading” effect font!

15. “Wife asked me to check if the chickens laid any eggs. I’m gonna say no.”

eggs, snakes, wife, funny
Image: reddit

This makes me feel better about my day.

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