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15 Unknown Facts About Iceland That Will Make You Want To Live In This Dream Destination Forever

#11. 100% of Iceland’s 331,778-strong population have access to internet

Iceland computer access to internet
Alan Levine/Flickr/Public Domain

Since last year, Iceland reached 100% when it comes to internet access. According to Internet Live Stats, all 331,778 people living in the country have access to internet at home via some device and connection. They also have the highest social media use, making them one of the most connected countries in the world.

#12. They love books and have a literacy rate of 100%

Iceland literacy is 100%
Max Pixel/Creative Commons Zero – CC0

Icelandic people love books. Though the country is small and cold, it still publishes the greatest number of books per capita. According to an old Icelandic saying, “It’s better to be barefoot than bookless”. Maybe people have adopted this as a hobby because of the long and dark winters. Jólabókaflóð, which translates to “Christmas Book Flood”, is a tradition that Icelanders have been carrying for generations. People who follow this tradition give books as gifts to friends and family members. Also, 90% of the people are capable of playing a musical instrument.

#13. Icelanders believe in Elves and Trolls

The Turf Church at Hof, South Iceland
Shubhika Bharathwaj/Flickr/CC

The majority of Icelanders believe in mythical creatures such as Elves and Trolls. The stories and folktales in the country are quite interesting. The trolls can only hunt at night in the darkness. If they are too far away from their caves and cannot return back in time before sunrise, they turn into stone. The elves on the other hand are called hidden people. Though it may sound funny to us, Icelanders take this seriously. If a construction is taking place where they believe elves are living, they would go as far as postponing the project. The construction won’t be resumed until an “expert” comes in and asks permission to the elves. They also believe that the strong smell of sulphur in Iceland is actually the smell of trolls dirty bath water.

#14. You can witness the aurora borealis in Iceland

Aurora Borealis over Iceland

Aurora borealis, or the northern lights, is one of the biggest attractions in Iceland. Though it’s not a common occurrence, visitors consider it an added bonus during their trip to witness the sky lighting up. The lights occur as a result of the collision between electrically charged particles from the Sun and gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. When this happens, bright and colorful lights can be seen dancing around the sky.

#15. Breathtaking ice caves inside Iceland glaciers

Iceland caves
Alison Tomlin/Flickr/CC

Apart from the majestic volcanoes, waterfalls and other wonders of Iceland, you can virtually go inside the giant glaciers. Iceland’s Vatnajokull glacier is known as photographers heaven and is the most popular of them all. When the Sun rises or sets, the light is reflected through the cave to create stunning images. The caves are only open during certain seasons, depending on the weather and sturdiness of ice.

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