A Couple Is Willing to Pay You $40K a Year to Watch Their Adorable Dogs

A Couple Is Willing to Pay You $40K a Year to Watch Their Adorable Dogs

If you are someone who loves dogs and is looking for a career change, then you are in luck. A British couple who have to travel a lot for their work, is looking for someone special that can take care of their two furry friends. Not only is the couple willing to pay the chosen one a hefty paycheck every year, but they will also allow them to live in their six-story townhouse in Knightsbridge, central London.

According to the British newspaper, Metro, a high-flying British couple is in search of a caretaker for their two adorable Golden Retrievers.

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Milo and Oscar are not just any Golden Retrievers. They belong to a wealthy family but their owners are always traveling as part of their job. So, the British couple are seeking a willing caretaker that will not only take good care of their two furry friends, but also engage in activities with them. There are a couple of catches with the job. Some of them include taking Milo and Oscar for morning and evening walks, keeping up as well as managing their doctors appointment, insurance and provisioning. The caretaker is also expected to create a working relationship with the regular dog walker.

As part of the job, the caretaker must also do some housekeeping in the six-story townhouse in Knightsbridge, London.

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Image: Autri Taheri

According to the original job posting, the ideal candidate is someone who is willing to work hard, is trustworthy and “has a passion for dogs and their well being”. The listing also states that the responsibilities include daily housekeeping, doing laundry as required, cooking light meals as required, shopping for food and other necessities, greeting visitors, taking calls, running errands, managing the property and a few other things.

The part dog nanny, part cleaner job does pay a salary of £30,000 – £32,000 or $40k a year with accommodation and food. The ideal candidate is also expected to be fit and active, and ‘assist in other areas of the household when needed’. While experience in cooking is not required, those who know might have an edge. The couple also expects the caretaker to work as a team and to ensure that everything is done and taken care of in the highest possible standard.

The caretaker is expected to work Monday through Friday and the occasional weekend when the couple are on the clock. While other areas as part of the job can be a bit tough, watching over the dogs can be easy since according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Golden Retrievers are intelligent, friendly and devoted.

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Image: Diego Passadori

Golden Retrievers are also outgoing, loyal, playful and easy to train. They consistently rank among the top 3 most popular dogs in the U.S. due to their sociable nature, love of people, loyalty and trainability. Their sense of smells are among the best of all dog breeds, and they are incredible swimmers. Golden Retrievers are also used as therapy dogs since they are capable of providing comfort and calm people in a crisis.

So, if you are someone who would love to spend time with two adorable Golden Retrievers, do some chores around the house as well as run some errands, then this job is perfect for you.

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