9 Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Play A Unique Role In Every Child's Life

9 Reasons Why Aunts and Uncles Play A Unique Role In Every Child’s Life

Although they rarely get the credit they deserve, aunts and uncles play a major role in a child’s life. In this busy and fast life we live, bringing up a child is not easy. There’s never such a thing as too much love to give to a child and the more aunts and uncles a child has in their lives, the more positive influences they could have later in life. For example, a child could be too nervous to talk about their crush from school or the bully on the playground with their parents. While they certainly want to express their emotions, they fear that the parent might be dismissive or explosive upon the revelation.

This is where aunts and uncles come in. They can be those “cool” figures who can listen without the judgmental and presumptive attitudes parents could show when addressing touchy topics with their kids. Here are some important reasons why aunts are uncles are important in every child’s life.

1. Aunts and uncles can foster a special family bond with nieces and nephews.

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When a child faces an issue in life, they want someone who listens and understands their point of view. Aunts and uncles may have that more relaxed approach with their nieces and nephews, offering different and more encouraging solutions to their problems. They are more likely to tell their nieces and nephews embarrassing stories about their parents to put a smile on their face. Such entertaining exchanges helps solidify a powerful and trusting relationship between aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews.

2. They can be that “cool” adult.

They can be that "cool" adult.
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Aunts and uncles are different than the nieces and nephews’ parents. This makes them cool right off the bat. Typically, aunts and uncles are free of responsibilities, especially the role of being a parent. This enables the child inside them to come out. Thus, nieces and nephews reflect back on their aunts and uncles and having fun with them is often among the top memories.

3. They provide a different view on life.

They provide a different view on life.
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Studies show that being an authoritative but cool, fun-loving aunt or uncle can install more inventive inspirations in a child alongside the more expected structured and habituated genes from their actual parents. Most importantly, they are able to provide them with a unique kind of love and influence that will stick with them forever.

4. They can be a surrogate parent.

They can be a surrogate parent
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Aunts and uncles can sometimes become role models in their lives. When the parents are busy or away with work, aunts and uncles can help fill the gap. This helps the child understand that they are loved and cared for at all times. Being a parent can be hard and overwhelming at times. Spending a few hours with aunts and uncles can not only help the child but also the parents, who can let out some of that built up stress.

5. They teach values.

They teach values.
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We’re definitely not saying that parents don’t teach their children how to value things in life, but every now and then, we will miss things that could be beneficial in shaping their future. This is where aunts and uncles come in. Spending time with them and getting that extra attention, interest and affection could be influential for them.

Apart from that, practical help such as making meals, taking kids to appointments or helping with homework makes the children realize how important aunts and uncles really are.

6. When they correct a mistake, they tend to do it smoothly.

They stay kind even when the children are wrong.
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Sometimes, aunts and uncles have to do the job of correcting a misbehavior. The difference is that aunts and uncles tend to express the mistakes or fix them in a smoother way. This subtle way of guiding them has a huge effect on how they process the mistake and learn from it.

7. They love to spoil their nieces and nephews.

They love to spoil their nieces and nephews.
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Whether it be the first, second or third niece or nephew, aunts and uncles will always be eager to give some extra attention. They love to spoil and always have some surprise up their sleeves.

8. They are like psychologists.

They are like psychologists.
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Aunts and uncles are like psychologists. Whenever there’s something wrong, they have the natural ability to understand it just by observing the facial expressions. They know when their nieces or nephews are annoyed or not feeling well. Apart from the fact that they realize issues just by the looks, they are also good listeners and will always offer a shoulder to cry on.

9. They love hanging out with their nieces and nephews.

They love hanging out with their nieces and nephews.
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If a child needs help learning some new concept or studying for a test, you can be sure that his/her aunt and uncle will never say no. They also love playing with them or taking them to places like museums or carnivals.

Spending time with nieces and nephews not only helps maintain family unity, but also creates a special bond between the children and their aunt/uncle. This special relationship will have a positive effect on their upbringing. Take advantage and enjoy every moment you get to spend with your nieces and nephews.

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