10 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

10 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

Humans are the most intelligent species on Earth. Unlike other animals, we are capable of solving problems and finding ways to advance in life. However, we are also prone to error. As technology is rapidly developing, the bad seeds are utilizing every aspect to trap innocent human beings. While we wake up every day and live our lives to the fullest, thinking that bad things only happen in the movies and in the news, it’s not always true. Things can go south for anyone, at any given time. Since being too careful is never a bad thing, here are some useful pieces of advice for different life situations that can actually be quite helpful.

1. In case of a grease fire, use baking soda or salt. 

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Reports show that cooking causes more than 160,000 structure fires, annually. 66 percent of them is caused by grease fires; the ignition of food or other cooking materials. In a case where the ignition is caused by grease, Fire & Rescue officers suggest that we respond quickly and intelligently; to avoid long lasting damage to our homes.

In case of a grease fire, turn the stove off and cover the flames with a metal lid. If the fire is small and manageable, pour baking soda or salt onto the affected area to extinguish the fire. Whatever the case is, do not attempt to extinguish the flames with water, since it will only make the fire worse. In cases where the fire is uncontrollable, vacate the premises with your family and pets. Close the door as you leave, since it will help contain the fire, then call for help. (source)

2. When boarding a taxi, always make a phone call or pretend to make one. 

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Since airplanes were invented, the world of traveling has changed for the better. Today, millions of people are traveling every day to their favorite destinations in a safe and faster way. With a boom in tourism, the taxi industry is amassing huge profits, but are also the root for some of the biggest travel scams in the world. Before you board a taxi, always make a phone call to your friend or family member, letting them know of your travel plans.

If you are in another country, before boarding a taxi, check the local maps and find out the routes you would be traveling through to arrive at your destination. Then, when you are boarding the taxi, pretend you are on the phone and explain your destination as well as travel route. This would limit the driver from taking you through long routes or unnecessary detours. In a perfect world, all taxi drivers are nice but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Another piece of advice that travel experts suggest is to always carry change with you when traveling. Avoid solely carrying large bills. You may encounter a situation where a taxi driver is unable—or refusing—to make change. Most taxi drivers also have their details inside the vehicle. Be aware and take down details in case they have other things in mind. (source)

3. Always have a Panic Button app installed on your phone.

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Image: Apple

Today, our mobile phones are 10,000 times more powerful than the first Space Shuttle launched by NASA. Smartphones are capable of processing information at a fast rate and they are capable of processing multiple information at the same time. Apple recently introduced the Shortcut app that allows a user to create very specific triggers. For example, you could set up a shortcut for your daily commute that will bring up directions, send a text message, adjust your thermostat, and turn the radio on for you, just by saying, “Hey Siri, I’m going home”.

If you are a frequent traveler, then you can utilize this app to set up a panic button. It can be set up in such a way that your phone automatically starts recording, uploads it to your iCloud, pings your location as well as sends the recorded video to your emergency contact number and then reboots the phone, rendering the fingerprint or face ID feature useless until the user enters a passcode. (source)

4. If someone is trying to take you away by force, ‘lose’ some of your personal belongings on the spot.

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Culprits always plan for a quick getaway after a crime. When unexpected complications occur, they either stick to their plan, since they do not wish to be recognized, or they spend too much time trying to fix it; making it easier for witnesses to recognize them. If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is forcing you to go with them, run in the opposite direction while making loud noises. Culprits usually don’t like attention and will try to make a quick escape since you have foiled their plans.

If they are absolutely determined to carry out their plan, kick, scream and try to “accidentally” lose your belongings, which could potentially help recognize you. Apart from that, you can also use your Shortcut app to quickly alert authorities, allowing them to track you instantly. (source)

5. If you’re stuck in an elevator with someone who means to harm you, then press the buttons for every floor.

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If on the occasion that you find yourself riding alone with someone in an elevator and feel that they pose some kind of threat to you, regardless of how rude doing so may seem, immediately press all of the buttons and get out of the elevator at the nearest floor. According to authorities, the safest place to stand in an elevator is with your back to the wall, not the other person. This gives you a clear view of their movements or hidden intentions.

Also, pressing all the buttons will cause the elevator to open at the next floor. Maintenance workers or security personnel will also be alerted when you press multiple buttons simultaneously. (source)

6. If you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and are getting desperate to reach civilization, stuff it with grass.

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Have you ever heard of the fact that you can fill your tire with grass in case of an emergency? The fact is indeed true but should only be used in case of an absolute emergency where you cannot find a spare tire or patches to fix it. Filling a tire with dried grass will allow you to drive the car and prevent your car’s rim from grinding on the ground. (source)

7. You can predict the weather with a cup of coffee.

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The weather in April can sometimes be unpredictable. One day it can be sunny, warm and beautiful, and the next day rain and thunderstorms may roll through. This is one of the main reasons April is considered as the month of dust storms and pre-monsoon showers. Today, we have weather apps that help us track storms and plan our trips accordingly. In a case where you have no access to apps or electronics, there’s a simple way. 

Your morning cup of coffee can help you determine an incoming rainstorm. The trick is utilized by many backpackers who love to disconnect themselves from all electronics and roam the wild. The trick is simple. Pour some coffee and watch the bubbles. If the bubbles amass in the center, you’re in a high-pressure system; which is making the coffee’s surface convex or higher in the middle. Bubbles are mostly air and they migrate to the highest point. 

If the bubbles move to the edge of the cup rather quickly, you are going to have a clear day. If the bubbles form a ring around the sides of the mug, you’re in a low-pressure system, making the surface concave. You can then expect rain in 12 hours and you can start packing your rain gear! (source)

Note: Your cup of coffee has to be strong and brewed, to have enough oil to work. The coffee mug too must have straight sides. 

8. During take off and landing, stay vigilant since 61% of all accidents in the air occur in these time periods.

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Image: Gary Lopater

If you’ve been on a plane at least once, you would be aware of the flight attendants asking you to keep the blinds open during take off and landing. While it might seem like a trivial task for many, it is done to prepare the travelers for any emergency during landing procedures. In cases of emergency, the cabin crew only has about 90 seconds to evacuate the airplane. For this reason, the cabin crew prepares the passengers by opening the shades and straightening the seats. 

The open shades provide a clear view of emergency personnel waiting outside and it also provides the emergency personnel view into the cabin to assess the situation. Aviation Safety Officer, Saran Udayakumar explains:

“Passengers are curious; hence they are perfect extra eyes to see if something goes wrong out there. Usually passengers report stuff right away. In case of sudden emergencies, every second counts. Therefore if shades are open crew can easily see outside conditions to help them in planning the evacuation – which doors to use for evacuation.” (source)

9. Always keep some well-hidden money on you for emergencies.

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If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s always a good idea to stash money in unexpected places in case of an emergency. Our phones are something we carry everywhere, so one of the best places would be to hide it in the phone case in the event that your wallet or purse gets stolen. Things happen at the most unexpected times and you never know when you may quickly need a cab, some medicine or anything else that requires urgent use of money. However, experts suggest that on-body storage, such as hiding it in a sock, is the best, in case your phone also gets stolen. (source)

10. In case your doors won’t open and you have no tools to break open the window, use the seat’s headrest as a last resort.

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Image: State Farm/Flickr

Today, there are many handy tools that you can hang on your keychains. These tools crack open a window in a second, allowing you to swim out in case your car starts sinking. In a scenario where you cannot find any tools, remove you carseat’s headrest and use it to free yourself.

Just take your headrest off of the back of the seat, then push one of the pegs from the headrest attachment down into the space where your window retracts, just where the seal is. Jam it down in there a few inches, and then pull the headrest towards you. Doing this flexes the window glass laterally, and the result is a break, usually at the other end of the window. Since it’s usually safety glass, it will shatter and crumble, falling away from the door. 

Automotive glass is built to take significant direct impact, perpendicular to the pane of the glass, but if you flex it or hit it along the edge of the glass, it’s much more fragile. (source)

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