Mind Blowing Facts - Part 46

10 Insane Facts About Mental Illness You Won’t Believe

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Mental illness is a topic that most people don’t like to talk about. It’s is normally something that is swept under the rug or ignored. More often than we realize, this delicate topic affects a lot of people. According to the WHO, one in four …

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11 Famous Places That Don’t Look Anything Like They Are Advertised

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Do you remember the saying, “All that glitters is not gold”? Well, the saying is true when it comes to travelling. While you might see a stunning beach with blue waters on your friends Instagram page, it might not look like that in real life. …

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7 Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board a Plane

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Flight attendants might look happy and calm but don’t be fooled by their friendliness. They are not only trained to provide good customer service but also to keep a close eye out for any threats. From the moment you board a plane, you are under …

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Are You A Nice Person? 6 Everyday Problems Nice People Experience

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We cross paths with different types of people every day. Whether it be workmates, family or friends, everyone has their own unique personality. While some might be kind to you, others might be sticking around for their own advantage. Nevertheless, nice people always put a …

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How Tall People From Different Countries Are

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Has the question “which nationalities are the tallest?” ever crossed your mind? Well, if not, then we are going to put that thought inside your head today. Thanks to the most comprehensive study on human height around the world that was published by the scientific …

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8 Psychological Phrases to Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist

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According to the Mayo Clinic research group, a narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder. Sufferers of this disorder will have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe that they are superior to others but behind that mask …

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10 Amazing Archaeological Findings That Were Purely Accidental

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For some, archaeology may sound extremely boring. Constant digging through sand and rocks to discover bits and pieces. But if you are someone like me, history is a thrilling subject. Archaeologists dedicate their lives to discover extraordinary things that give us an insight into how …

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