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12 Interesting Factoids About U.S. Trips to The Moon That You Have Never Heard

5. Over 100 Items Were Discarded on the Lunar Surface.

Project Apollo Archive

Apart from the flag, the Apollo 11 astronauts left behind a lot of things. Items such as a commemorative plaque, a gold replica of an olive branch, moon boots, a camera, urine containers and air-sickness bags were left behind. This was done to make enough space for the samples collected from the lunar surface.

Several states in the U.S. have petitioned to make the landing site a national monument. This decision was proposed to prohibit future moon travelers from stealing the items discarded during the Apollo missions and selling them on eBay.

6. Neil Armstrong Found a Creative Way to Provide for His Family if He Died.


Neil Armstrong wasn’t able to afford the life insurance policy for an astronaut so he, along with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins hatched up a brilliant plan. While on quarantine prior to the mission, the three signed hundreds of autographs and sent it to a friend. In the case of a tragedy, the friend would postmark the date of Apollo 11’s launch and distribute the memorabilia to the astronauts’ families to sell.

7. Accidentally Destroyed the Camera.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

During the second voyage to the moon, astronauts brought a camera that was able to capture everything in color. To their bad luck, it was destroyed almost instantly on the lunar surface. Alan Bean was setting up the camera to record a live T.V. coverage. While doing that, he accidentally pointed the camera directly at the sun.

The Earth’s atmosphere prevents the sun’s harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays from reaching us. But the moon does not have an atmosphere. One of the key components in the camera was damaged due to the sunlight shining directly onto the lens.

8. Golfing on the Moon.

Project Apollo Archive

Commander Alan Shepard played golf on the moon. Houston attached a golf club to one of the equipment used to collect samples. He took two full swings in which one traveled over 200 yards and the other sank. Shepard was only capable of swinging with one hand as his space suit limited his flexibility.

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