11 Lifesaving Facts You Should Remember Once and for All
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11 Lifesaving Facts You Should Remember Once and for All

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When it comes to surviving, it’s always best to stay educated. By doing so, we not only increase our chances, but also the chances of survival of others around us. Even with all the technology available and advances in science, every day, people face situations where they have to defend themselves in order to survive. And by staying updated with new information, you only increase your chances. So, we have gathered a list of lifesaving facts that you should definitely remember once and for all.

1. If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, it’s moving towards you.

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Image: Nikolas Noonan

It’s tornado season, and according to the National Severe Storms, if you see a tornado and it is not moving to the right or to the left, relative to trees or power poles in the distance, it may be moving towards you! The direction a tornado is moving could help you determine whether you’re in a more or less dangerous spot. It’s known as the Left to Right Rule: If the tornado isn’t moving from left to right on the horizon, you are not safe.

2. Never use water to put out a grease fire. Use baking soda or use a pot/pan to starve the flame of oxygen.

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Image: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Pouring water can cause the oil to splash and spread the fire. The vaporizing water can also carry grease particles in it, also spreading the fire. Only baking soda can help put out a grease fire. If you can’t find any baking soda, and as long as it doesn’t put you or others in harms way, try to starve the flame of oxygen by covering it.

3. To save someone else’s life: 3 songs that have the right rhythm for CPR are: Nelly the Elephant, Stayin’ Alive, and Another One Bites the Dust. Sing one of these and press down on each beat.

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Image: rawpixel

Sometimes, music literally save lives. Stayin’ Alive, has a rhythm of 103 beats per minute, which is close to the recommended rate of at least 100 chest compressions per 60 seconds that should be delivered during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

4. When you are in the wild and cannot find freshwater, drink coconut water. Not only does it prevent dehydration, it’s also rich in antioxidants. You can also burn the husks of the brown coconuts to repel mosquitos.

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Image: Chema

Green coconuts are unripened coconuts and can contain about 11 ounces (325 ml) of refreshing water. Burning the husks of brown coconuts can also repel mosquitos during the evening.

5. If your garage door needs maintenance, leave it to the pros. Garage door springs can be extremely dangerous, especially if you remove them in the wrong way.

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Image: Kari

If your garage door needs maintenance, leave it to the pros. The spring is under constant tension, and a sudden failure can cause the spring to break apart violently, putting you in harms way. Remember that these springs lift a 400-pound door.

6. If any room in the house has a strong scent of fish, check the outlets. Checking the outlets and unplugging whatever is plugged in could save your life from an electrical fire.

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Image: Pascal Meier

If you smell something burning, but can’t find the source, it may be an electrical fire. An electrical fire initially has a fairly acrid smell of plastic burning. Experts say that if you smell something electrical burning, you are lucky – most warning signs of electrical fires are invisible and odorless.

7. You don’t have to pay money on any type of phone to call 911, so don’t bother foundling for change during an emergency.

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Image: Andy Art

According to the FCC, operator service providers must connect a 911 call immediately at no charge. So, in case of an emergency, do not waste time looking for change.

8. If  you are performing CPR and the person is laying in bed, safely move them down on the floor. Otherwise, too much of your pressure goes into the mattress instead of their heart, making your CPR less effective.

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In order to achieve adequate depth of chest compressions, the person should be on a hard flat surface. A mattress at home is unlikely to be hard enough to perform effective chest compressions. According to First Aid for Free, CPR is unlikely to be effective if performed on a bed at home.

9. Dry red kidney beans need to be boiled and drained before you cook them or they can be toxic at high levels.

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According to food experts, kidney beans need to be boiled for at least 10 minutes to get rid of the toxins. According to the FDA, eating as few as 4-5 uncooked kidney beans can cause severe nausea among other things. This is because the outer skin has something called “phytohaemagglutinin,” also called PHA, or kidney bean lectin. Some types of lectin, including this one, can be toxic at high levels.

10. If you are ever being chased by a polar bear, take off an article of clothing and leave it on the ground as you run away.

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Image: Dan Bolton

In a situation where you are being chased by a polar bear, take one or two articles of clothing and throw them as you are running. This will cause the bear to stop and sniff, giving you precious time to get ahead of the bear and escape.

11. If you’ve been shivering cold for a while but you start to feel warm or hot to the point that you want to take off your coat, don’t! It means you have hypothermia.

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Image: Thom

In some cases, people will feel like they are extremely hot and have to take their coats off. This is one of the signs that they have hypothermia. In such cases, get help immediately.

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