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Incredible New Photographs Emerge Of Ancient Amazonian Tribe Isolated From Civilization

When the crew returned several hours later, their fear turned into curiosity. Stuckert said that he felt a mutual curiosity on both sides.

Ricardo Stuckert/National Geographic/Creative Commons

Conflicts between the tribesmen and civilized people has affected them greatly in the past. These people do not have vaccinations and are easily affected by sickness. The Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency fear that with the rise in illegal loggers walking into their territory, there could be severe consequences.

The agency has put out heavy penalties for trespassers but that doesn’t stop them from continuing their illegal activities.

Ricardo Stuckert/National Geographic/Creative Commons

As deforestation of the Amazon rain forest is growing fast, the loggers are getting close to the tribe. The police patrol the borders but they are incapable of covering the entire area at the same time. This could be an advantage to these loggers who are trespassing and threatening the tribes’ life.

Ricardo Stuckert/National Geographic/Creative Commons

According to Meirelles, the tribe looks well fed and healthy. Farm lands filled with corn, manioc, and bananas were visible around their huts; sufficient enough to feed around 100 people in that settlement. He also said that the arrows being fired at the helicopter was a sign of resistance. He said, “Those arrows mean ‘Leave us in peace. Do not disturb.’”

We should leave these people alone and let them continue their life without time or greed affecting them. We live in a fast moving world where we have satellites orbiting the universe billions of light years away. Yet there are people closer to nature living as normal human beings.

Sources: National Geographic, IndependentRicardo Stuckert.

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