These Horrifying X-Ray Images Of An Addict Shows Us Why We Shouldn't Do Drugs

These Horrifying X-Ray Images Of An Addict Shows Us Why We Shouldn’t Do Drugs

Drugs, as we all know, is something not to be messed around with. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, once we get a taste of it, it’s all downhill from there onward. Heroin is undoubtedly one of the most addictive drugs on the market. The consequences of using this vile drug has been documented by various news outlets as well as several movies. However, four years ago, an anonymous doctor shared a few sets of pictures on reddit. The pictures showed the x-ray results of a patient who was suffering from pneumonia. To his amazement, he came across something horrifying, that he never could have imagined he would see.

WARNING: Some of the pictures shown may be graphic to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The images were originally shared on Reddit r/Medicine.

Four years ago, an anonymous doctor used the reddit r/Medicine platform to share something horrifying with its users.

Horrifying x-ray image of a heroin user
Image Source: Imgur

The anonymous doctor shared x-ray images of a patient who arrived at the hospital. According to the initial post, the patient went to the hospital with a case of severe pneumonia. Following protocol, the doctors performed a chest x-ray to determine whether one or both of the lungs underwent inflammation due to the infection. The x-ray was to be used to diagnose the condition of the patient. In this case, the doctors stumbled upon something that was far worse than an normal infection or virus.

Horrifying x-ray
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The x-ray results yielded more than what the doctors were expecting. It was discovered that the patient was a long-term intravenous heroin user. According to the doctor, the patient often injected the drug in his neck and would pass out without any recollection of what had happened; all while the needle was still attached to his neck. By the time he would wake up, the needle would have already been broken and stuck in his neck. It’s shocking to realize that someone could actually be aware that needles were stuck in their body, and still continue to go about their daily life without seeking any medical help.

Radiologists performed some 3D reconstructions on the neck.

Close up of x-ray
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This is what the anonymous doctor had to say,

There are dozens of them. He would shoot up in the neck, and pass out and the needles would break off.

When asked how he got all those needles in his neck, he gave the only appropriate answer: ‘Man, they don’t make needles like they used to.’

Despite a whopping pneumonia and a prolonged stay in the ICU, he walked out of the hospital.

3D reconstruction of the x-ray
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The doctor explained that the man had a prolonged stay in the ICU but recovered from the pneumonia and left the hospital without any concerns. Although the story is horrifying, its legitimacy is yet to be confirmed. The anonymous doctor who originally posted the story and the images, has since deleted his account; making it difficult to verify its authenticity. However, several such cases have been reported throughout history, where patients had needles stuck in their bodies for years without their knowledge.

Imgur, X-ray, Horrifying
Image Source: Imgur

This isn’t the first case where a patient was found to have a neck or other body part filled with broken needle tips. According to Patient Care, a 53-year-old man with a 30-year history of heavy injection drug use, had to be hospitalized because of severe fever. The man injected 10 to 15 bags of heroin per day through the peripheral veins in his arms, legs, chest and abdomen. When they started to collapse, he began injecting subcutaneously. Since his fever did not go down after a period of two days, doctors performed various tests and x-rays; in which the x-rays showed 17 needles stuck in his neck. According to Patient Care, 20% of drug users will experience this at least once in their lifetime.

Source: reddit, IFLScience

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