8 Habits of People Suffering from Concealed Depression

8 Habits of People Suffering from Concealed Depression

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Depression is like a real-life monster. It lurks inside of us and drains our thoughts and energy to make our lives bitter. There are two types of people reading this article right now. Ones who see their own reflections in these habits and others who wish to understand them in order to help the ones they love. Believe it or not, depression often goes unseen, unrecognized and undiagnosed. A person with concealed depression is someone who is conditioned to deal with their inner demons in a way that doesn’t make them clearly visible. The sufferers sometimes hide these from friends, family or their closest of companions. They might be smiling in front of you but deep inside, they are drowning. Here are 10 habits of people suffering from concealed depression that you need to be aware of.

1. They will convince you that they are happy and might even seem exponentially happy and upbeat.

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The belief that people suffering from depression always look sad or have a dreary personality is totally false. Depression is more than just a mood. The sufferers often learn to alter their moods and sometimes they appear to be the happiest people you’ll ever meet in your life. This is mainly because regardless of what they’re going through on the inside, they try to keep a positive outward persona. They do not wish to bring others down with them, even if it means that they have to hide their pain and sink alone.

Musician Chester Bennington was someone who suffered from concealed depression. According to his wife Talinda Bennington, merely 36 hours before he took his own life, he was playing and laughing with his kids. She even shared a video on her twitter feed from his last moments. This is how camouflaged depression can be. Everything might seem normal until it’s too late.

2. They might have habitual remedies to cope with the pain.

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Depression is treatable with the proper help. Therapy, medication and even talking to friends and family can help a sufferer cope with the pain. However, sufferers of concealed depression often have lifestyle habits that help them ease the pain. This can be anything ranging from music, exercise, driving, walks, showers or sleeping. The reason why they do this is to get themselves out of a sinking set of emotions. You could say that the method has a lot to do with the way people try to personally conquer their own demons.

3. They have abnormal sleeping and eating habits.

They have abnormal sleeping and eating habits.

The human body requires sleep and nutrition, which are two critical elements to health. Our minds are capable of controlling these two elements, but depression takes away one’s ability and makes them feel like they are suffocating. This can cause them to overly rely on sleeping or eating since they feel as if they are able to regain control of at least some things in life. It could also go the other way around where they have no ability to sleep or no desire to eat. These two factors are textbook examples of concealed depression.

4. They fear being abandoned by their loved ones.

fear of abandonment

Sufferers of concealed depression have a hard time keeping up with relationships. When they are in a relationship, they fear that they would become a burden to their loved ones. In the sufferers mind, once they let their partner into their life and allow them to see their struggles, they would wish to leave. Although there are cases where people break up since the pressure is too much on them, it’s not their fault. However, for the sufferer, it creates a serious feeling of abandonment. Those who deal with concealed depression understand what a burden it can be.

5. They are talented and highly expressive.

They are often uniquely talented and expressive.

Concealed depression affects anyone and everyone. History has shown us that famous artists, musicians and even leaders of the world have been victims of depression. People who live with depression are in touch with the good and bad pieces of their souls. Although many of us can’t see their true selves, they may have capabilities beyond our imagination. They might be in pain and dragged downward by the weight of their own emotions, but they are capable of illustrating beauty through the shadows of the emotions they carry.

6. They are constantly searching for a purpose in life.

They are constantly searching for a purpose in life.

We all have a purpose in life. As life passes by at a fast pace, we all want to know that we are heading towards the right direction. It’s always good to get some assurance from our loved ones, to know that we are making the best of our time in this life. Sadly, sufferers of depression have a hard time satisfying their inner self. The feeling of emptiness and fear drives them to find their true purpose more often than others. This could be because they are constantly in pursuit of happiness.

7. They are perfectionists who understand substances differently.

The are perfectionists who understand substances differently.

People with depression are always seeking love and affection, however, when it comes to the realization  that they are not perfect in every way, they can refuse the whole step. This is because showing others that they are not perfect means revealing their vulnerability and what they may perceive it to be a weakness.

Besides this, a person who handles their depression also knows what substances they are putting into their body. For sufferers, alcohol is a depressant, while caffeine and sugar has the ability to lift their moods. They are also aware of what medications work best for them, since altering their minds helps them to forget the pain.

8. They are pros at covering things up.

They are pros at covering things up

Depression is hard to cope with. There are many who hurt themselves to ease their pain. We highly suggest you never do this. If you ever have feelings of wanting to harm yourself, immediate help should be sought. The physical pain is not alone, as you will also be hurting the people close to you in the process. Self-inflicting harm does not always have to mean pain. It could be something as simple as skipping breakfast or dinner. They usually come up with excuses that are convincing enough to avoid attention from others.

The one thing we all have to understand about depression is that the sufferers are constantly feeling lonely. They require love and acceptance to help them overcome the demon within. It’s a difficult process but with a little help, you might be able to save the life of your loved one or someone close to you. To those who are suffering from concealed depression, all we have to tell you is cry when you need to and let it out. Share it with your loved ones and make attempts to discuss your emotions. Showing that you need help is not a weakness.

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