10 Fun Facts To Impress Your Friends At Any Occasion

10 Fun Facts To Impress Your Friends At Any Occasion

There are some facts that sound insane, but are capable of turning a conversation into a worthy one. And, there are some people who are filled with knowledge and can’t help but share it with the rest of the group. Today, you could be that person, since we have collected some amazing facts that can turn a boring conversation into an awesome one. Without further ado, enjoy these 10 random and interesting facts.

1. White-feathered chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs and red-feathered chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs.

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Image: Fredrichter/Pixabay

White and brown chicken eggs are no different than one another, apart from the colors. The only reason why brown chicken eggs cost more than white eggs is due to the difference in the chicken. In fact, the color of the chicken and its earlobes can play a huge role in determining the color of the egg. Eggshells can receive their color depending on the color of the bird. Breeders discovered the connection between the chicken and the color of the egg it lays a while ago but the outcome is not always 100% accurate. However, most of the time white-feathered chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs, whereas red-feathered chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs.

Some people also assume that since brown eggs cost more, they are more nutritious than white eggs. This is in fact a false assumption since the only difference in price of the eggs is dependent on the size of the hen. Red feathered hens tend to weigh more than white-feathered chickens. Since larger chickens require more food and land, the breeder has to increase the price to adjust profits. (source)

2. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears get bigger as we grow.

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Image: Daniil Kuželev

While it’s commonly believed that our ears and nose grows as we grow, they don’t actually grow but just get bigger. Newborn’s eyes do grow, but not very much in comparison to the size of adult’s eyes. In fact, the dimensions differ among adults by only one or two millimeters. By three months, our eyes are the biggest size that they will ever be as the corneas have reached their full width. Our nose and ears on the other hand get bigger because of gravity. Yes, Earth’s gravity plays a major role on our earlobes and facial appendages. Our nose and our ears are made of cartilage and while many people believe that the cartilage never stops growing, the fact is it does.

Since cartilage is made of collagen and other fibers, they breakdown as we age and that’s where Earth’s gravitational force comes to play; making them droop and appear larger. Apart from that, as we age, our cheeks and lips also lose volume, making all other facial features appear larger. (source)

3. Most wild seahorses are monogamous and some species mate for life.

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Image: Paul Hewart

Being faithful to your partner is a trait that is not just followed by humans, but also a few species in the animal kingdom. One such animal is the seahorse, which stays with its partner for life. Seahorses are typically poor swimmers and are often found in low densities. They utilize camouflage to hide from other animals since they are not fast swimmers like the predators lurking in the oceans. By staying together as a pair, seahorses have a greater chance during mating season. Scientists studying some species of seahorses also found that they greet each other every morning as well as hold each others tails when they travel. (source)

4. Whittier is a town in Alaska where almost everyone lives or works under one roof. A single 14-story high-rise is home to most of the town’s residents as well as its post office, grocery store, health clinic, laundromat and church.

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Image: Jessica Spengler

Tucked between picturesque mountains lies a town that is comprised under a single roof. Every resident in the town lives under the same roof. Instead of a town filled with houses, schools, post office, police stations, hospitals and stores, a 14-story building called Begich Towers – a former Army barracks – is home to 200 residents. Upon entering the building, the post office is near the entrance and the police station is right down the hall. The building also has a convenience store, a health clinic, a laundromat, a little market and even a church in the basement. Residents enjoy living tucked together since safety is in numbers, especially with the harsh Winters Whittier faces. (source)

5. Tic Tacs are almost pure sugar but due to their weight are allowed to be labeled as zero sugar per serving.

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Image: Neal Fowler

There’s a sneaky reason why Tic Tac’s can be labelled as “sugar free”, when they really aren’t. The breath-fresheners have been around since 1969 and their popularity was mainly due to the fun, tiny containers and the low calories. In fact, the name “Tic Tac” comes from the sound of when the iconic box is opened and closed. Despite its popularity, most people aren’t aware of the fact that it does contain sugar, much more than we would imagine.

Although they are advertised as containing 0 grams of sugar, Tic Tacs are not actually sugar-free. The reason why it’s labelled so is due to a sneaky trick that allows the company to label its product in such a manner. Here’s what the company says on their website:

“Tic Tac® mints do contain sugar as listed in the ingredient statement. However, since the amount of sugar per serving (1 mint) is less than 0.5 grams, FDA labeling requirements permit the Nutrition Facts to state that there are 0 grams of sugar per serving.” (source)

6. There are no ants in Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, parts of Polynesia, and a few remote islands.

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Image: Salmen

Ants are invasive species that are capable of multiplying at a fast rate. Where humans go, invasive species tend to follow. However, the only places that ants seem to stay clear of is the Antarctic, Greenland, Iceland, parts of Polynesia, and a few remote islands. Like ants, rats are also invasive species that go where we go. According to the BBC, rats have managed to reach at least 90% of the world’s islands thanks to our movements. So, if you’re someone who suffers from Myrmecophobia, the inexplicable fear of ants, the above mentioned places are your best choice. (source)

7. Tigers have striped skin as well as fur. A tiger’s stripes are like fingerprints and no two have the same pattern.

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Image: Miranda Richey

Weighing up to 720 lbs (363 kg), and stretching 6 feet (2 meters) long, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world. A century ago, our planet had more than 100,000 of them. However, poaching has dramatically caused their population to undergo a steady decline, with merely 3,890 tigers remaining. The big cat is surely a fascinating creature and one of the most striking features it has is the striped fur. Apart from its striped fur, tigers also have striped skin. The stripes are like fingerprints and no two have the same pattern, allowing scientists to study each individual tiger. The stripes also break up the outline of its body, which makes it hard for other animals to see it in the wild. (source)

8. If you can poke a ball point pen through a hole, a mouse can easily get in.

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Image: Pixabay

As temperatures fall, we see a rise in rodent activity. During Winter seasons, rodents like to move into our homes for protection, and contrary to the popular belief, they do not hibernate. In fact, they are active throughout the entire season. Being in a sheltered spot can also offer protection from any potential predators that rely on them to survive. For these rodents to gain access to our homes, a hole as small as a ball point pen is enough.

Several pest-control experts say that lazy building practices during the boom years are contributing to rat infestations now. “Properties were built very quickly,” says Phil Bowman, a pest control specialist in Belfast, “so you see things like soil pipes not being put in properly, the joints come apart, and then you get rats coming up out of the sewers. They can go through an entire apartment block that way; you can find them running about on the 9th and 10th floors”. (source)

9. One reason airplane food isn’t very tasty is because when you’re flying, your sense of smell and taste decrease by as much as 50 percent. The senses are affected by changes in air pressure and lack of humidity inside the cabin.

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Image: Austrian Airlines

The moment we see the oversized trolley parks rolling towards us can be blissful. However, the meal they provide can be extremely distasteful for most passengers. While most blame the airlines or the cooks for providing cheap meals, the truth is it’s due to the changes in air pressure and humidity inside the cabin. When we are above 30,000 feet, the cabin humidity drops by approximately 15%, thus slowing down the signals of smell and taste that reach our brains. According to HuffPost, our sense of smell and taste also decreases between 20-50%; the equivalent of having a bad cold.

A 2010 study by Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics found that the average passenger’s perception of saltiness decreases between 20 and 30%, while sweetness decreases between 15 to 20%. This means that the same food that tastes good on land can taste completely different once the airplane is in the air. It also means that it also requires 30% more salt in order to taste equally seasoned. (source)

10. Calico cats are almost always female and rarely male.

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Image: Erika Goodthing

According to a veterinarian with the SouthCare Animal Medical Center, it is possible for a calico cat to be male but it is very rare. “With female cats, they have two X chromosomes, just like with humans. Male cats have X and Y. So the way that those colors are expressed, you can have multiple colors expressed at the same time when you have two X chromosomes, so you have many colors,” said Dr. Heidi Patterson with SouthCare Animal Medical Center. “The only way you get a male cat that is a tortoise shell or calico is if it is an X-X-Y,” she continued. “Which in humans would be called Klinefelter’s Syndrome”. In a study completed by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, researchers found only one out of every 3,000 calico cats is male. (source)

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