12 Foods That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

12 Foods That Accelerate Aging And Make You Look Older

Compounds called AGEs (Advanced glycation end-products) speed up the aging process in your body. Your poor diet can be a direct link to wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and even hair loss. It can also damage your skin’s collagen, which is the protein that keeps skin firm and youthful. The truth is that prevention is always better than a cure. To maintain healthy, youthful skin by simply guarding the junk food consumed is highly attainable. With just a little sensibility when it comes to coffee breaks and snack time, we can help our skin’s hydration and aging. Since awareness is the best medicine, here is a list of foods, snacks and drinks that top the list in accelerating your age.

1. Sugar

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Sugar destroys the good proteins and lipids necessary for protecting collagen and is also responsible for weight gain. Studies show that high consumption of sugar can cause wrinkles and saggy skin. Having a sweet tooth kick starts a process called glycation, which is a process where consuming more sugar causes glycose to bind with proteins and lipids. The process eventually damages your skin’s collagen which ultimately destroys the firmness of the skin, causing fine lines and dryness.

2. Margarine

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Margarine is known as a substitute for butter in many cuisines and recipes. Studies show that it’s about time that we abandon this trans fat product from our daily table since it is a zero index healthy choice. Too much consumption of margarine can devastate the tissues with lack of hydration. The less your skin is hydrated, the faster you prone to age. Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, MD, also known as ‘Dr.Taz’, a weight loss expert and author of What Doctors Eat and The 21-Day Belly Fix, has several remarks which she shared with the public about the harm of trans fats and the importance of staying hydrated.

3. Energy Drinks

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Staying hydrated and consuming carbonated drinks have nothing in common. The former is a healthy lifestyle while the latter invites troubles. The former is a healthy lifestyle while the latter invites troubles. Consuming energy drinks on a regular basis can cause the acidic and added sugar composition to damage the teeth; causing you to smile with a tan. Its high caffeine and sodium content can also lead to dehydration instead of keeping the water levels in the body high. Replace soda with water and bring some hydration into your dried out lifestyle.

#4. Baked Delicacies

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Cake, anyone? Who would say no? Savories are often rich in sugars and fat. Weight gain and poor dental health can be complementary if you bake or have a baker friendly craving system. Sugar calls for an unhealthy microbiome which is pro inflammatory. To opt out of the advanced aging process, you might want to cut down on the baked goods.

#5. Alcohol

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Consumption of alcohol on a routine basis builds up a composition of toxins in your body. A glass of wine on your special day is not going to cause you harm. It’s all about your food habits. The liver helps to naturally flush the toxins from our body and alcohol adversely affects the function of the liver. When the toxins build up in your liver, it fails to break down the toxins, causing you to age faster. It can also cause severe acne, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen, itchiness and lack of hydration.

#6. Salt

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We use salt in almost all of the foods that we prepare. However, a pinch more or a pinch less of salt can completely curtail the whole experience of fine dining. Cheese, chips and canned foods are sources of excess salt. Salt causes the body to bear water and leads to a bulky look. The cells will also begin to shrink, leading to excess dehydration. When water leaves the skin, wrinkles begin to appear, which results in premature aging.

#7. Processed Meat

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Also included on the list are meats which are processed to extend their shelf life. Lunch meat, hot dogs, sausage and bacon contain a lot of preservatives and salt. It can trigger inflammation along with dehydration. These processed meats reduce vitamin C in the body, which is important for collagen formation. Try to replace the processed items with fresh chicken or turkey and add some veggies to your sandwich to make a complete protein meal with some greens in it.

#8. Deep Fried Foods

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Oil is not always a healthy companion. Onion rings, fried chicken, funnel cake and many other items that we see at fairs and food joints are not always a good choice. When we deep fry, we expose the oil and fat to extremely higher temperatures. Free radicals, the primary culprit in aging, are then formed. These foods not only cause damage to our jeans size, but they also affect our internal organs as well.

#9. Charred Meat

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Dark black char on your meat contains pro-inflammatory hydrocarbon compounds, which promotes many kinds of infections. This promotes many kinds of infections. This can break down skin essentials such as collagen, which can lead to an aged appearance. When you plan a BBQ with family or friends, make sure you don’t end up burning the meat when grilling. If you you do end up with some burnt meat, be sure to cut away the char and then begin the feast.

#10. Fried Potatoes

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Potatoes are instantly broken down into sugars as soon as they make their way to our digestive tract. As we discussed earlier, foods fried in oil at an elevated temperature, results in evolving free radicals. This in turn causes cellular damage to the skin with its reaction. Mashed potatoes with a low fat cheese, garlic and cilantro is a healthy option if you have the craving for potatoes once in a while.

#11. Coffee and caffeinated drinks

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Caffeine makes you dehydrated and creates a lack of moisture in your body. It is a diuretic additive which ends up leaving your supple skin dry and fragile. It also gradually causes an addiction. The secret to safe coffee consumption is to take in a glass of water for each cup of coffee you consume.

#12. Spicy Flavors

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Too much spice can cause a skin condition called rosacea. Rosacea causes extremely itchy skin and also makes the skin look red, blotchy, and less youthful. Spicy food can also dilate the blood vessels. Once in a while, adding a little extra chili powder will not cause you harm. A lot of spice though can result in permanent redness, itchy rashes or puffiness.

Bonus: Flambe

Even if flambe is not an usual choice, the contents which are put together to table up a flambe is fair enough reason to put it on the list. The concentrated alcohol which you need for this tops the list of contents. It can lead to oxidative stress due to the formation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) which is caused due to concentrated intake of alcohol. ROS can adversely affect the general well being of any person. Consumption of alcohol indirectly leads to a suspicion that there is only a low consumption which in turn is the biggest miscalculation.

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