The Top 10 Coldest Places On Earth Inhabited By Humans

The Top 10 Coldest Places On Earth Inhabited By Humans

Who else loves making a snowman and having snowball fights? I for one definitely do. When winter approaches and the trees die off, some of us can’t stand to think of how cold it’s going to be. The skies turn grey and the days are gloomier but the change is just another part of nature. We might think that our city or town feels the coldest during the winter season. Believe it or not, there are people inhabiting places on Earth that we cannot even imagine the intensity of cold. From Alaska to Russia, here are the coldest places on Earth where people struggle to carry on with their normal lives. The cold weather affects sewage, plumbing, travel and even communication systems. Nevertheless, they strive and survive.

1. Yakutsk, Russia.

Coldest place on Earth 1: Yakutsk, Russia
Image Source: encyclopedia

Around four months in a year, Yakutsk gets high temperatures that are still under zero degrees. Even though the frigid weather creates uninhabitable living conditions, around 200,000 brave humans live, work and survive in this place. This is one of the many cities in Russia where the temperature can easily go down below -50 °F. The cold air freezes the moisture in your nose and even makes it difficult to cough.

2. Barrow, Alaska.

Barrow, Alaska
Terry Feuerborn/Flickr

The northernmost city in the United States goes dark for 65 days straight every year. The town has an extremely small population of only about 4,000 and the high temperatures stay below zero from December through March. The isolated town is inaccessible by road and the natives mainly rely on the Arctic Ocean to sustain life. The highest temperature drop ever recorded in Barrow was – 79 °F.

3. Fraser, Colorado.

Fraser, CO
Steven Carlton/Flickr

Located at 8,574 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the small town is home to 910 residents. The town faces one of the coldest winters in the contiguous United States. While the annual mean temperature for the the year is only 32.5 °F, the temperature drops during the summer to about 29 °F. Because of the extreme cold weather it faces throughout the year, the town has been given the nickname “Icebox of the Nation”. On January 10, 1962, Fraser, CO, faced one of the coldest winters at −53 °F (−47.2 °C).

4. Hell, Norway.

Hell, Norway

Hell, a village in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway, gained popularity because of the name and the sub-arctic temperature it faces. The village with a population of only 1,440 has a grocery store, gas station, a fast food shop and a retirement home. The average temperature recorded last year was 25 °F. The town receives an overwhelming amount of tourists every year, mainly because people like to take pictures in front of the town’s train station sign that read “Welcome to Hell”.

5. Snag, Yukon, Canada.

Snag, Yukon, Canada

The sign located at White River, Ontario, reads “The Coldest Spot in Canada”. The small village only sees winter throughout the entire year. Though the highs are usually around 32 °F and lows around 10 °F. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -81 °F on Feb. 3, 1947 – the lowest recorded temperature in continental North America.

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