June and Jennifer Gibbons: The 'Silent Twins' Who Were So Close, One Died For The Other To Survive

June and Jennifer Gibbons: The ‘Silent Twins’ Who Were So Close, One Died For The Other To Survive

Children are the best gifts we can have in this world. They bring us joy and smiles, along with a lot of restless nights. Having twins makes things twice as fun but double the trouble. Scientists have always been fascinated with twins and have been trying to understand their similarities as well as shared-behavior. Here, we are going to tell you a story about twin children named June and Jennifer. The identical twin sisters made a childhood pact to cut themselves off from society and to only talk to each other. Medical experts who studied their case describe them literally as “Zombies”.  Here is the story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, a.k.a., the ‘Silent Twins’.

June and Jennifer Gibbons devised a secret language that disconnected them from the rest of the world.

The Silent Twins: June and Jennifer
Image Source: dailymail

The twins were born in Barbados on April 11, 1963, but were raised in Wales after their Barbadian parents moved the family to a small town called Haverfordwest. The small town, along with the twins, had one thing in common; silence. From a very young age, the twins remained largely silent and refused to talk to anyone but each other. They devised a strange, bird-like language that only they were able to understand. This disconnected them from their friends, family and the rest of the world. They even mimicked each other’s walking patterns and movements.

Haverfordwest was a predominantly white town and so the siblings were subjected to constant bullying at school.

The silent twins

The twins were the only “black” children in the small town of Wales, which was the main reason that they were bullied at a young age. The constant bullying only pushed them further apart from society. Finally, they withdrew themselves completely from the face of society and turned to literature as a form of relief for their aggression.

To encourage them to be a functioning part of the society, their parents separated them from each other at the age of fourteen.

The twins were separated at the age of fourteen
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In an attempt to encourage the twins to become less anti-social, their parents decided the split them and send them to separate boarding schools. They were both sent to different doctors in an effort to get them to start talking. Their efforts did not prevail and actually worsened their condition as the twins slipped into catatonic states. Family members and doctors agreed to reunite the twins again. Once reunited, they locked themselves inside their room for several years, writing and performing plays for each other and writing in their diaries.

The diaries they had been writing in for years, revealed a dark and harsh truth to the story.

The silent twins
Image Source: bizarrepedia

As the twins grew older, they were completely withdrawn from society, yet in a way, were inseparable, loving kindred spirits. The sisters shared a love-hate relationship; where at times, the intensity of their aggression culminated multiple incidents in where they attempted to murder each other. In one instance, Jennifer tried to strangle June to death by using an electrical cord. In another instance, June tried drowning Jennifer by pushing her off of a bridge (She nearly succeeded in her efforts). Even though the rivalry between the sisters was growing, they still remained inseparable.

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