10 Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know People Can Get Addicted To

10 Bizarre Things You Didn’t Know People Can Get Addicted To

Even though addiction is a lonely disease, addicts are never alone. People with the same addiction may not be geographically together, but they do exist with the same strange specific obsession. Genetics, trauma, family history and social pressure are some identified reasons that addictions and hoarding occurs. Causes differ in each typical case whereas addiction remains the same. Discontinuing the habits and opting for well being is not an easy task. The risk involved in relapse is severe. Withdrawal symptoms should also be continuously monitored and supported. It could include anxiety, irritability, wild mood swings, confusion of thoughts, inability in decision making, muscle cramps, insomnia and even depression. It all depends on the nature of the addiction and age of the habit. People can get addicted to anything ranging from caffeine to gambling. Any behavior that disrupts casual routine and leaves a repetitive negative pattern in life can be termed as an addiction. Some addictions that you may not be aware of are listed here.

#1. Animal Hoarding

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Some find friendship with peers while others find companionship in animals. Pets make wonderful companions and can add much joy to your life, however, there are those instances where an excessive collection of animals can cause the opposite. This is a specific act of addiction where a person has the intention of taking care of these animals but the reality of it becomes too overwhelming for one person to handle. Though their hearts may be in the right place, the results can be devastating for the pets, and in many cases lead to animal neglect.

#2. Tanning

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It’s human nature to want to feel and look our best. By sunbathing or with the use of ultraviolet (UV) tanning beds, golden, tanned skin can be achieved. In the winter season, people migrate from their colder regions when they find the sun there is not enough to give them the skin tone they desire. This can disrupt the normal flow of life when the habit becomes an addiction. There are findings that tanning addiction is very real and this compulsion engages the same part of the brain as any other addiction. Cases of addiction to the artificial tanning process are abundant and can lead to skin issues and serious health problems, including cancer.

#3. Tattoos

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Tattoos are a common trend for many people. There is no age restriction for adults, as the trend is present among young adults to middle age people, and beyond. While many individuals will opt for one or a few meaningful tattoos, there are others who become obsessive with the act. It is quite difficult to point out the psychological reason. Some claim that the slight pain which is caused during tattooing could be the reason. There is also a claim which says that the attention which is obtained with the tattoos are the stimuli for this behavior.

#4. Shopping

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The pleasure experienced while shopping causes a sense of addiction to some. It is very difficult to make them realize the effect of the activity they engage in. The money they spend  shopping can even end up exceeding their total family expenditure. A seasonal or special occasion or craving for a wardrobe change is not the type of shopping these people engage in. Their cravings are far beyond the norm. Some treat anxiety and depression by engaging in excessive shopping. Unfortunately, the reward is quite temporary and the guilt from over spending can end up resulting in an adverse effect.

#5. Plastic Surgery

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Self obsession or a poor self image are just a couple of traits that can lead to a situation where one feels the need to continuously attempt to improve their physical appearance. This can result in multiple cosmetic surgeries and a tendency to become addicted to the fulfillment that it provides. This is an unhealthy obsession aiming at perfection. Some cosmetic procedures yield mind blowing effects whereas others can end in an irreversible negative appearance. Once the obsession begins and it starts to yield desirable results, the needs and wants of the person continues to grow. Experience can sometimes end this addiction but proper intervention and counseling can help immensely, especially if it is identified and treated at the early stages.

#6. Milk Products

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For some people milk derivatives like butter or cream cheese are something they would like to include with most meals. However, others can develop an obsessive need for dairy products, as they contain molecules that attach to the same parts of the brain as any other addiction. Dairy contains casein, as well as other similar chemicals like casomorphins, which act like the highly addictive painkiller morphine. It can also cause the brain to release quite a bit of dopamine.

#7. Social Media

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In this new age, people tend to live in a digital world, apart from their physical one. In the space of internet, everything seems possible. Some people may choose to use social platforms to inform their online friends and family of every aspect of their lives. Others may use it as an alternate reality, choosing to immerse themselves in digital interaction, in lieu of physical relationships. Whatever the case, it can cause an average individual to become obsessive and addicted to the act. Studies show that screen time spent by young citizens of developed countries is a literal shock to the statistics commission itself. The scope of social media can result in developing personality disorders to people who misuse the opportunity. The key is to find a healthy balance between the online world and engaging in real physical interaction.

#8. Digital Games

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Playing outdoors was once the source of excitement for all children, but the physical activity and love of nature is slowly fading away. New age enjoyment must now involve the digital world and these trends are progressively beginning to appear in children at a younger age. Animated and multi-user games with live interaction are now the trendsetters. These games can take control our time, leaving little room for personal interactions. Creating awareness against the developing tendencies and parental guidance can be long term solutions.

#9. Drinking Water

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Water is the elixir of life. Hydrating yourself with a large amount of water and water containing foods is key to staying healthy. With that being said, some people can develop a consistent and excessive thirst. When these individuals are exposed to alternate beverages when not provided with their daily quota of water, they have complained of headaches and other discomforts. It is occasionally related to a disorder called polydipsia; a situation where a lack of sodium content in the blood can lead to excessive thirst and discomfort.

#10. Kleptomania

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Stealing items for the mere satisfaction of the theft itself is known as kleptomania. It is classified as an impulse control disorder. The person who possesses this addiction may have a sincere wish to refrain from the act but the impulse control failing from within prevents them from stopping. Companions or family members can accompany the individual while shopping as a form of support. The addiction, just as any other addiction, can be overcome. Behavioral therapy and extended support can yield positive results.

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