8 Things Babies Enjoy The Most When They’re in the Womb

8 Things Babies Enjoy The Most When They’re in the Womb

Being a parent is an amazing experience. To be able to bring a living being into this planet is a life changing journey. The nine month experience is filled with happiness, planning, and lots of changes. Did you know that there are certain things babies enjoy most while they’re inside the womb? A study by APS shows that babies are capable of sensing their mother’s emotional state. The change in mental state affects how the child develops after it’s born. The environment the fetus grows in is very important, and things such as smoking and drinking while pregnant can be devastating for them. Here are 8 things that your baby will surely enjoy while inside the womb.

8. Sweet foods

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It’s not unusual for pregnant women to crave specific foods throughout their pregnancy. While your baby doesn’t cause the urgent need for Häagen-Dazs at 2:30 AM, they can be affected by them. Studies show that some of the flavoring molecules from the foods consumed by the mother manages to cross the placenta and reach the amniotic fluid.

If the mother starts frequenting spicy foods, then the baby will taste spice in the amniotic fluid; and may end up liking spice more — and at an earlier age — than babies who weren’t exposed to spice in utero. Babies, however, are particularly fond of sweeter things. This is because they live in a different sensory world than adults when it comes to basic tastes. If you want your child to be a “healthy eater”, then you should try a wide variety of healthy foods during your pregnancy.

7. Taking warm baths

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There’s an old misconception that taking baths during pregnancy is a no-no. Well, the good news is that warm baths can help relax both the baby and the mother. It’s important that you keep the bath water warm, and not hot. According to VeryWellFamily, the perfect temperature for baths is 98.6 degrees for pregnant women. Hot water baths can potentially increase the mom’s body temperature; thus reducing blood flow to the baby and causing stress.

6. Belly rubs

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For some moms, things such as belly rubs, touching, patting or even holding their belly can be soothing. It’s not only a way to feel close to your baby but a study conducted by the researchers at Dundee University in Scotland found that fetuses respond powerfully to belly touches. With the help of sonograms, researchers tracked the movements of babies from 23 women who constantly touched or patted their bellies. The results showed that the babies were most active during the touching activity and that their touch receptors were active around the 8th week.

5. Listening to voices

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It’s not unusual for expecting mothers and fathers to talk to their baby in the womb. Of course others won’t understand until they themselves become parents. In fact, a study shows that talking to your baby in the womb has amazing benefits, such as boosting brain development.

Around 18 weeks into the pregnancy, the baby starts hearing sounds, and by 24 weeks, the baby becomes responsive to sound. Studies show that around the 25th-26th week, babies recognize as well as respond to their mother’s voices. They respond with increased heart rates, meaning that they are more alert when you’re speaking.

4. Listening to music

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A study conducted by the Public Library of Science (PLoS) found that developing babies respond to music. Babies actually begin to learn in the womb and can develop taste in music according to your preference. Researchers also noted that babies who listened to relaxing music repeatedly in the womb seemed to calm down when the same song was played after they were born. Professionals, however, suggest that tasks such as singing lullabies or reading books have greater effects and help more with brain development than music.

3. Exercising

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Exercising during pregnancy has a lot of health benefits for your child. This does not mean that you should go to the gym at 3:00 AM and start lifting weights. Safe and appropriate physical activities that are approved by your doctor are to be practiced. Exercising improves the mental and physical health of children into adulthood. Regular exercise not only relieves stress on the mother, but also strengthens the baby’s heart.

2. You catching a break

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Feeling that kick or movement inside is probably one of the best feelings ever. The baby’s first movements, called “quickening”, occur around 16 to 25 weeks into the pregnancy. Mothers, however, are more likely to feel this fluttering around when they are sitting down or relaxing. While laying down on the couch and closing their eyes for a few minutes might mean a little bit of rest for the mothers, they are fun periods for the babies. As the pregnancy progresses from trimester to trimester, the strength of the kicks and their frequency continues to change. Closer to the end of the pregnancy however, the kicks and movements will be consistent, since they sleep for longer periods.

1. Your happiness

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Studies show that positive thoughts are important during pregnancy. A mother’s thoughts have a physical connection with the unborn child. Everything she feels or thinks is transmitted to the baby through neurohormones. So, it’s important that you create as many positive thoughts as possible during pregnancy, since it will help with the baby’s development.

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