10 Privileges Only the Wealthiest People Have in this World

10 Privileges Only the Wealthiest People Have in this World

It’s a fact that being wealthy has its perks. As unfortunate as it is, not all of us get to live like Bill Gates or experience the luxuries that are only reserved for the wealthy and famous. For some of us, going to the beach might be the ultimate vacation, but for the wealthy, flying to New York for a game of golf and enjoying a sundae laced with gold flakes is a normal Sunday afternoon. While most of them worked hard to achieve their current lifestyle, some were born into wealth. Nevertheless, there are certain things in this world that can only be enjoyed by the rich. This list is about 10 such privileges, that are designed to be enjoyed only by those with immense wealth.

1. McDonald’s has a Gold Card, that allows holders of the card to enjoy a lifetime of free fast food. Some of the holders of the card include Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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For years, the existence of the McDonald’s Gold Card remained a mystery, until 2018, when McDonald’s decided to hold a sweepstakes for a random person to win a lifetime of free fast food. McDonald’s franchisees, founder Ray Kroc and the company headquarters are known for handing out these unique cards, that allow a person to eat at any McDonald’s franchise for free. While there exists versions of the card that can only be used at certain locations, Bill Gates is the proud owner of a Gold Card that allows him to eat at any McDonald’s in the world, free of cost.

Other known owners of the card include Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett. Franchisees are also known to grant these ancient cards to celebs and those who create new products for the company. The only known record of a local man receiving such a privilege is Charles Ramsey, who in 2013, ditched his half-eaten Big Mac to help three women. For his heroic act and saving their lives, McDonald’s awarded him with free food at all locations for a year and unlimited McDonald’s for the rest of his life at local Ohio restaurants. (source)

2. ASmallWorld is a social media platform that is only for the privileged. Unlike other social media networks, members have to pay to keep their accounts. The Signature account is not only expensive, but is only accessible if a person receives an invitation from an existing elite user.

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Launched in 2004, ASmallWorld is unlike other social media networks since it is designed to be used only by the elite. Although members have to pay to play, there’s no shortage of millionaires or billionaires who are signing up to show off their wealth. By 2013, there were close to a million accounts but the company decided to cap most of its members down to around 300,000, in order to ensure quality. Some of the famous people booted out of the social media platform include Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan.

The new membership features added in 2018 not only allows users to show off their wealth, but to also travel around the world. Those who buy the Signature plan receive up to 1,000,000 miles with Etihad Guest or 250,000 miles with Miles & More. However, membership is only accessible through existing members, so you require a couple of millionaire friends. (source)

3. In Russia, wealthy businessmen hire ambulances to beat traffic. The ambulances are modified to fit luxurious items and can cost at least $200 an hour.

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Image: Dmitry Terekhov

In Russia, traffic jams can last for hours and costs the economy a great deal of money. The rich men and women in Russia however, have found a unique way to beat traffic by hiring “ambulance-taxis”. The “ambulance-taxi” is basically an ambulance that is modified to fit the needs of wealthy businessmen. Most of these ambulances are basically high-class limousines with comfortable seats for transporting VIP passengers. However, they turn on their sirens and pretend to drive as if there was an emergency. Gliding through traffic does come with a hefty price though, since most of the “ambulance-taxis” can cost at least $200 an hour. (source)

4. Wealthy people do no shop on eBay. Instead, they have their e-commerce sites such as JamesEdition, that offers all kinds of things for rich people to buy.

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Image: nikldn/Hunter Newton

Most of us rely on websites such as eBay and Amazon for good deals. The wealthy however, are not looking for deals, but to rather display their wealth. For that sole purpose, they have specialized e-commerce websites that offer all kinds of things to buy. One such website is JamesEdition, that offers yachts, jets, real estate, and at one point even the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. According to JamesEdition’s official website, they are a global luxury marketplace, with more than 100,000 selected cars, yachts, sailboats, powerboats, watches, motorcycles, jets and helicopters for sale. (source)

5. Unlike average citizens, the privileged have private banking features that provides access to special products and services. The feature also comes with a “wealth psychologist”, whose main duty is to help their wealthy client cope with the burden of immense wealth.

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When we go to the bank, it’s usually to use the ATM. The privileged however, get special treatment and their accounts differ from the average citizen. Most wealthy men and women are given special access to products and services that also provide them with a direct phone number to management or bank executives. If their immense wealth is weighing on them, then that’s not an issue, since some banks offer “wealth psychologists” to their clients to help them cope with the burden of their immense wealth. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, immense wealth can cause depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. The main role of a wealth psychologist is to help reduce such issues. Bloomberg also notes that an average wealth psychologist can cost up to $450 per hour. (source)

6. There are fly-in golf courses that are specifically designed to be used by the elite. These golf courses are completely inaccessible and to reach the destination, they have to take private jets.

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For millions of people, golf is a game that helps them relax and take the stress off of their shoulders. Some people play golf just so that they can seclude themselves from the outside world. However, there are a few who like to take it one step further and ensure that they are literally isolated. In order to achieve this, there are fly-in golf courses that allow wealthy people to fly from different parts of the world and enjoy some time alone. Some of the most popular fly-in golf courses include the Mountain Air Country Club in Burnsville, N.C., Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla., and Lajitas Golf Resort in Lajitas, Texas. (source)

7. Safe houses that are capable of withstanding everything. There also exists an underground doomsday shelter that is reserved for the wealthy 1% of the population.

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Image: YouTube

It’s a known fact that wealthy people have luxury safe rooms and bunkers in case things go south. There also exists doomsday bunkers that are self-sufficient and capable of withstanding almost everything. One such bunker was created by the Survival Condo Project that is basically an underground structure filled with fortified shelters, built to withstand catastrophic events from viral epidemic to nuclear war. Although it is located in Kansas, the precise location is kept top secret and is known only by the elite who spend at least $20 million for a room. The shelter has fifteen floors and is complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, and a pool. (source)

8. In China, wealthy people hire body doubles, who take the fall for their crimes and spend time in jail. Although the government denies the existence of the practice known as “ding zui”, reports suggest otherwise.

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Image: Deleece Cook

In China, wealthy men and women are known to practice “ding zui”. If someone is accused of committing a crime, the elite will hire a body double, who will take their place in court and get prosecuted. The body double gets a large sum of money that they give to their family members so they can live happily. Most body doubles are those who are struggling to survive and in debt. The “replacement convicts” serve time and upon release, get additional payments so they can live a secretive life. Some “replacement convicts” are known to take the fall multiple times. (source)

9. In New York, it is considered a privilege to be in The 800 Club. Only the elite are able to rent apartments above the 800th floor. As of today, only about 40 New Yorkers have the privilege.

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New Yorkers are obsessed with showing off their wealth and status. In a city filled with millionaires and billionaires, there’s a privilege only a select few can enjoy. One thing New York is known for is its skyscrapers. In fact, New York City has the highest number of skyscrapers in the US with 257 buildings towering above 490 ft. However, among the buildings that are more than 800 ft high, only around 40 people have the right to call it home. The members of The 800 Club live on the 86th floor 0r 800 ft off the ground.

Every day, they witness seaplanes landing on the East River, the World Trade Center and so on. The New York Times states that there are 21 skyscrapers that are above 800 ft high and only the elite can afford them. Those who wish to secure a room above 800 ft have to pay at least $100 million whereas renting can cost at least $70,000-$100,000 per month. (source)

10. Most wealthy American’s don’t have health insurance or make trips to the doctor. Instead, they have an E.R. setup right in their own home, that treats them like VIP’s.

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Some of the wealthiest men and women in the United States choose to not have health insurance. Although not having insurance can cost them fines of $30,000 per year, these elite people have private physicians who are on call 24/7. Some wealthy families even have emergency rooms set up in their homes or have emergency supplies carried with them as they travel. According to HuffPost, a private physician with an emergency room setup can cost an average of $1 million per year; a hefty price the elite are willing to pay. According to a survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 64% of all doctors believe that concierge medicine has the best chance of financial success today. (source)

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