10 Strange Natural Phenomena Within This Decade That Even Scientists Can’t Explain

10 Strange Natural Phenomena Within This Decade That Even Scientists Can’t Explain

Science has always helped humans understand how the world works. We have achieved so far in the past decade that our ancestors would be proud of us. No matter how much we try to understand the functionality of this weird and wonderful world, there would always be something that would kick us back into the stone age. Things which not even some of the world renowned scientists are incapable of explaining. Some of the craziest natural phenomenons that have occurred in the past have left people as well as scientists stumped. Here are 10 of those crazy and natural phenomena that have yet to be explained.

1. A 3-year-old identifies his murderer from his past life.

Scientists cannot explain how a 3-year-old can remember his past life.

A 3-year-old boy from the Golan Heights region, located near the border of Syria and Israel, explained how he died in his past life. Though the story seemed skeptical at first, the child successfully pointed out the location of the grave to which his body from the past life was buried. Sure enough, villagers found a man’s skeletal body there. He even pinpointed the exact location where the murder weapon, which was an axe, was located. The stunned villagers dug the location and of course found the blood stained axe. The man was reported to be missing four years ago. Not only that, the boy also remembered the full name of his killer to which authorities confronted him. Though the murderer, who was still alive, didn’t admit to the charges, he later confessed to the crime. The story has been documented Children Who Have Lived Before.

2. The mysterious humming noise in the town of Taos.

The Taos Tum

An elusive low-frequency humming noise has been annoying the residents as well as visitors in the small city of Taos, New Mexico. The irritating sound has been nicknamed as the Taos Hum and has been baffling scientists for years. Though this has been going on for years, only 2% of the town’s residents report the incident. Some of them believe that the phenomenon is caused by unusual acoustics in the dry desert air while others believe that the government is somehow involved. Whether the phenomenon is natural or manmade, the buzzing noise and it’s source has yet to be discovered.

3. Synchronous light shedding fireflies.

Synchronous fireflies
Image Source: flickr

Every June, for two full weeks, a species of glowing beetles gather in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee and put out a glowing display of lights. Thousands of glowing beetles known as Synchronous fireflies blink in near-perfect unison and scientists cannot explain how the beetles work together to put on such a spectacular show. According to Jonathan Copeland, a firefly hunter from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, the act could be a mating ritual, though scientists are still studying the exact reason behind it.

4. Earthquake lights.

Earthquake lights

For years, scientists have been observing strange flashes of lights that precede volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. The mysterious luminous activity in the sky has been the subject of speculation to why the same lighting effect correlates with two unrelated disasters. In 1960, the phenomenon was captured live in a video, which has helped scientists analyze the circumstances surrounding it. One theory is that the upcoming volcanic eruption shifts electrical charges in the surrounding geological formations, leading to the flashes but this is yet to be proven.

5. The sailing stones in Death Valley.

The sailing stones in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park in California has been a subject of an unsolved mystery for centuries. At Racetrack Playa, a weird phenomenon takes place when no one is looking. Known as “sailing stones“, this geological phenomenon involves rocks which move in long tracks along a smooth valley floor without the need for human intervention. The stones even change directions and sometimes flip over by themselves. Some scientists explain that strong winds have a major role in this while others theorize that there’s some unknown magnetic property hidden in the rocks.

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