10 Unusual Candies From Around the World

10 Unusual Candies From Around the World

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The world of candy doesn’t just revolve around chocolate and gummy bears. In the ever-evolving world of candies, there are different flavors and varieties. For most of us, some of these might seem gross or even just plain weird, but not for many others around the world. While candies are supposed to be sweet and bright colored for many of us, it’s filled with oddities for the adventure seeking ones. Here, we have gathered some unique yet interesting pieces of candies, that you will never find in the grocery checkout line.

1. Salsagheti

Salsagheti, candies, Lucas, candy, life, food, facts, people, sweet
Image: Lucas/Candy Warehouse

Unlike the sweet savory candies out there, the Lucas Salsagheti is a special type of candy that allows you to eat dinner and dessert at the same time. It has a texture like Twizzlers, except they’re thinner, fruitier, and coated in chili powder. The sour watermelon–flavored gummies are completely coated with fine chili-tamarind powder and sugar crystals. Salsaghetti also comes with a packet of tamarind sauce, which is basically like a fruity spaghetti salsa. Even though the candy is sticky and messy to eat, it is extremely popular in Mexico.

2. Musk sticks

Musk sticks, candies, food, facts, life, people, enjoy
Image: ABC

Although they are extremely similar to a chalk, musk sticks are pink sugary confections that are extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand. While the musky candy does not look appealing to visitors, Australians and New Zealanders love them. According to reports, more than 2 million musk sticks are sold in a period of six months. 1 in 10 Aussies are buying them and Woolworths alone sells roughly 24 million musk sticks per year. The candy looks like bubblegum toothpaste and has a perfume-like flavor, according to those who enjoy eating them.

3. Salmiakki

Salmiakki, Irish, Swedish, candy, candies, foods, facts
Image: Tila/Paul

Not every candy has to be sweet or colorful. The salmiakki is a salted black licorice, favored by Scandinavians worldwide. The salted licorice is popular throughout the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, and Germany, but is most popular in Finland. It can be found in almost all stores that sell candy, and is also used as a main ingredient in chocolate, ice cream, soda and other things.

4. More than 200 varieties of Kit Kat

Kit Kat, wasabi, flavor, facts, food, life, candies
Image: Andrew/Flickr

For most of us, chocolate and vanilla are the only two known flavors that Kit Kat comes in. In Japan however, Kit Kats are so popular that there are more than 200 flavors of the product. Some of the popular flavors include wasabi, roasted green tea, apricot, melon, pumpkin, French salt, kidney beans, soy, sakura, fried corn, and even sake. According to LA Weekly, there’s even a thing called a baked Kit Kat, that has to be baked briefly in a toaster oven. A Nestle representative also explains the reason behind the line of oddly flavored snacks is due to its extreme popularity and acceptance by the Japanese citizens.

5. Lightning bug gummy candies

Lightning Bug Candy, gummies, facts, food, life, candies, people
Image: Candy Warehouse

Every year, billions of gummies are consumed by Americans alone. Unlike the regular gummies, the lightning bug gummy candy actually lights up when you squeeze them with a special pair of tweezers. The candy is not modified in any way to make them illuminate but rather the secret lies in the pair of tweezers. A light at the end of the tongs is what magically illuminates the bug with an eerie glow; thereby creating a yummy Lightning Bug!

6. Bamba

Bamba, food, facts, candies, life, Israel, people
Image: Beth/Ondřej

Bamba might look like Puffcorn or cheese doodles, but they are in fact peanut buttery and savory. They are slightly sweet, slightly salty and have somewhat of a resemblance to tater tots. The peanut butter corn puff candy was first sold in 1964 in Israel. In 1966 however, Nestlé acquired it and has since replaced the cheese flavor with peanut butter. Today, it is made with almost 50% peanut butter. Some even eat the candy with Nutella as a dip.

7. Edible diamonds

diamond, edible, food, life, candies, facts
Image: Pixabay

A Japanese manufacturer has managed to discover a secret formula that gives candies a flawless transparency. Ameya Eitaro, a Tokyo based candy manufacturer is capable of replicating a 105-carat Koh-i-Noor and the unusual 16-sided, 36-carat Pasha of Egypt. Surprisingly, the secret formula took seven long years to be perfected but it can surely mimic diamonds using conventional sugar and starch syrup. The edible diamonds are sold for approximately $31 a piece and is said to have a “simple, sweet taste”.

8. Chocolate grasshoppers

chocolate grasshopper, food, facts, life, candies
Image: Stefanos Kofopoulos

While it sounds gross, chocolate covered grasshoppers are extremely popular in Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and China. Some manufacturers even coat them with 50% dark, dairy-free chocolate, to make them extra unique.

9. Cheese & onion potato chip flavored chocolate bar

Cheese & Onion Potato Chip Flavored Chocolate Bar, Tayto, foods, facts, candies
Image: Tayto

Tayto, an Irish snack company, came up with a weird flavor for their consumers to chow on. Tayto is famous for their pack of Cheese & Onion crisps, so, the company decided to release a limited edition Cheese & Onion potato chip flavored chocolate. The chocolate bar immediately became a popular hit in Ireland, with some negative feedback, but the company decided to add it to their regular product lineup.

10. Botan rice candy

Botan rice candy, food, facts, candies, life, people, travel
Image: Wikimedia

If you’ve ever had that feeling where you just did not feel like removing a wrapper to eat a candy, then Botan rice candy is for you. The inner wrapper is edible and instantly melts in your mouth. In Japanese, Botan means “Peony”, a blooming flower illustrated on the packaging. The edible rice paper candy is jelly-like and has a chewy lemon/orange-flavor.

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