What Happens When You Crack an Egg 60 Feet Underwater? – It’s Fascinating.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you crack an egg underwater? Neither have I. But a pair of Aussie divers have decided to find out the results.

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences sent two divers 60 feet underwater to figure out how fish make omelets for their breakfast. The divers carried a half dozen eggs, 18 meters underwater to figure out the mystery.


Their experiment yielded fascinating results and they are not too difficult to understand. Seawater weighs more than freshwater because of the extreme salinity. The average amount of salinity in seawater is 2.5%, so salt water weighs 2.5% more than the same volume of freshwater. When objects are introduced into the sea at a considerable depth, the seawater exerts pressure on them. Here, the divers cracked the egg at 60 feet (18 meters), which will insert a pressure of approximately 30-40 psi.

With the pressure exerted by the depth of the sea, the egg is able to maintain its ovoid shape. The reason why the egg looks completely yellow is due to the fact that egg whites are nearly transparent and is hard for the camera to capture it.

In the video, the divers can be seen playing with the eggs and creating mini egg-tornadoes with their fingers.

Another group of divers did the same experiment but they submerged the eggs deeper into the ocean.


For this experiment, diver Jim Varnum took the eggs deeper underwater. Around 416 feet below sea level, the first egg imploded. Eggs are naturally porous, which means that the shells can pass air and moisture through them.

In order to conduct this experiment, Jim spray painted the right egg. In the video, it can be seen that the right egg implodes first. This is because of the extreme pressure exerted on the egg by the ocean. The egg on the left wasn’t spray painted and this allowed air and moisture to pass, which enabled it to last longer. It imploded at 1,706 feet below the surface (or 0.3 of a mile).

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