12 Really Weird Things That Washed Up On Shores

12 Really Weird Things That Washed Up On Shores

There’s a lot of weird stuff floating in the oceans right now. Every now and then, people come across things that have washed up on shore. Strong ocean currents are the main culprits behind such appearances. While most of the items are easily recognizable, some are hard to understand how and why they ended up there to begin with. Here are some intriguing examples of mysterious and peculiar emissaries from the sea.

1. Giant Pipes

Giant pipes, washed ashore, beach, beaches, ocean, fact, facts
Credits: Chris Herring/Twitter

When you visit the beach, you expect to see crowds of people sunbathing and playing on the shores. Instead of such sights, visitors to beaches in Norfolk, England, found giant pipes – the longest was 1,574 feet. The incident occurred in 2017 and the pipes, which are mainly made of plastic, were 8 feet in diameter. The pipes came loose from the ships carrying them to Algeria and the waves carried them away to be washed upon the beaches in Norfolk, England.

2. Large Lego Sculptures

Large Lego sculptures, LEGO Dimensions,
Credits: @egoleonard/Twitter

Giant Lego sculptures have washed up on various beaches around the world – in places such as Florida, Brighton, Japan and the Netherlands. The eight-foot-tall sculptures had messages written on them which said, “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.” In addition to the motto emblazoned on the chest, the figures had “Ego Leonard” and the number 8 on their back. Googling “Ego Leonard” leads to a site which explains that , Ego Leonard (presumably the Lego man’s creator or the creation itself) “comes from a virtual world.” It also shows several other Lego men in the wild.

3. A Mysterious Eyeball

Mysterious eyeball, fish, swordfish
Credits: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

In 2012, visitors on a Florida beach came across an unusual item, an eyeball. Fish and wildlife officials immediately responded, observed the eyeball and came to the conclusion that it was from a swordfish. Officials believe that the eyeball was cut from a swordfish and tossed overboard by a fisherman that eventually made it’s way to the shore.

4. A German U-boat

German U-boat, WWII
Credits: Wikimedia

In 1919, the German U-boat SM U-118 washed up on a beach in Hastings; causing panic among people. The type two boat was due to be transferred to France but the tow parted, causing it to go underwater off the Sussex coast. Thousands of people flocked to the seafront near the Queens Hotel to catch a glimpse of the killing machine. Attempts to remove the ship from the shore by shooting it with a French destroyer were largely unsuccessful.

5. Spaceship Debris

Twitter, SpaceX, Elon Musk
Credits: Kevin Eichelberger

On May 29, Twitter user Kevin Eichelberger scored what will probably go down as the find of his beach-combing career. The beachcomber happened to stumble across the wreckage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Eichelberger, who runs a Charleston, South Carolina-based e-commerce company, said he’d mail whatever hardware he could pry off the wreckage back to SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne, California.

6. A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Credits: YouTube

In the 2011 tsunami, Ikuo Yokoyama from Japan lost his three beloved family members. The sorrow of losing his loved ones made him forget the fact that the tsunami had also swept away his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. A year later in British Columbia, more than 3,000 miles away, his bike resurfaced. The bike was a little rusty, but after the story went public, a Harley-Davidson representative in Japan tracked down Yokoyama and offered to pay for it to be transported back to him and repaired to its former glory.

7. A Lot of Rubber Ducks

A lot of rubber ducks, washed ashore, beach,
Credits: Poolie/Flickr

Unlike the LEGO pieces popping up everywhere, these duckies were the victims of a shipping container accident that occurred in 1992. After the accident, the bath toys have been popping up randomly around the world for more than two decades. Scientists have been using the rubber ducks to learn about ocean currents and even have a name for them, “Friendly Floatees.” So far, they have been discovered on the shores of Hawaii, Alaska, South America, Australia, the Pacific Northwest, and even the Arctic ice.

8. A Piano

Piano washed ashore
Credits: @MeredithJM/Twitter

In 2014, a baby grand piano mysteriously appeared under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. No one knows for sure about the origin of the piano but soon after news broke out, locals started using it to take beautiful photos. Although the piano is still in one piece, wear and tear is visible, indicating its rough journey.

9. A Mine

A mine washed ashore
Credits: YouTube

In 2011, a Navy training mine washed up on a beach in Miami. The large cylindrical torpedo-looking device had a ‘live’ blasting cap on it. Authorities recognized the mine to be an MK57 inert naval mine, which is about 6 feet long and 2 feet in diameter, with red markings on both ends. The US Navy immediately came and took the mine away, far from civilians.

10. Cargo Ship Containers

Cargo ship containers
Credits: YouTube

In 2007, the MSC Napoli, a 62,000 ton cargo ship, was caught up in a storm, causing its containers to be lost in sea. Among the goodies that had fallen off the back were motorbikes, steering wheels, carpets, beauty creams, shoes, golf clubs, oil paintings and camcorders. After the containers washed up on the shore in Devon, England, locals carried, dragged and hauled what they could from the beach; including the BMW motorbikes.

11. An RAF Drone

RAF Drone
Credits: YouTube

In 2008, a military object was found on the beach in Scotland. The target drone was discovered by a local who was walking his dog early morning. He immediately alerted authorities, who had previously discovered similar military objects in the area. Authorities believe that the drone may have been used in a massive ballistic missile defense system test which eventually ended up in the ocean.

12. Plastic Toy Eggs

Kinder Eggs
Credits: Polizei Aurich/WTM/Twitter

In January 2017, on Langeoog, a small island off the coast of north-east Germany, plastic eggs came to be washed up on the beach. A cargo ship lost a few containers during a storm, and the contents ended up on this beach. Dozens of islanders flocked to the scene with their children to pick up the small plastic toys. It is believed that the ship was sailing from China to Germany under the flag of Denmark.

What do you think of these findings? Have you ever discovered something unusual during a trip to the beach? Share your findings with us through the comments section!

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