Dictator and Famous People Valentine Day Cards to Share With Your Loved Ones

Dictators and Famous People Valentine Day Cards to Share With Your Loved Ones

There’s nothing wrong with getting your significant other a Valentine’s card with hearts. But, not everyone is lucky enough to have a Valentine. If you do have one, then be thankful and remind them of how much you love them every day. If you don’t have one, then don’t worry. We have some funny Valentine cards for both sides to laugh at. Instead of those pop-up cards with roses and hearts, this is what you should be showing your partner. Without further ado, here are some funny Valentine’s Day cards featuring tyrannical leaders such as Kim Jong-Un and Fidel Castro. These historical figures and the humorous quotes are sure to make your day.

1. He really does know how to push them buttons.

Valentine, Day, cards, love, romance, facts, life, funny
Image: Pixabay

2. Just Putin on my glasses.

Putin, Russia, Valentines, facts, life, funny
Image: Pixabay

3. Worth the shot!

Leon Trotsky, leader, funny, facts, life, people, weird, Valentines day
Image: Wikimedia

4. Time to stop Stalin and be someone’s Valentine

Joseph Stalin, Valentines, Day, facts, funny, life
Image: Wikimedia

5. This one will make you fall in love at first sight.

Chairman, Mao, life, history, facts, funny
Image: Wikimedia

6. Instead, embark on a new adventure.

Fidel Castro, life, funny, Valentines, weird
Image: Wikimedia

7. So romantic!

Attilla the Hun, life, history, Valentines Day
Image: Flickr

8. He’s serious.

Henry, King, life, Valentines, facts
Image: Wikimedia

9. He doesn’t want you to be lonely.

Joseph Kony, facts, life, people, weird, Valentine's Day
Image: Wikipedia

10. He Kant imagine a life without you.

Immanuel Kant, Valentine's, love, life, facts
Image: Wikimedia

Time to spread some love!

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