15 of the Most Unfortunate People In History to Have Ever Walked on Earth

15 of the Most Unfortunate People In History to Have Ever Walked on Earth.

If you think you’re having a bad day, spare your thoughts for some of the most unluckiest people in the world. Imagine being one of these 15 people. They have been through it all. A few of them may sound unbelievable but they are true to all extent. Whether it was surviving the deadliest attacks of all time or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time, this list will show you how lucky you are.

1. A woman selfishly hid $1.3 million lottery winnings from her husband and lost it all.

Unfortunate people

Thomas Rossi was married to Denise Rossi for 25 years. He never saw a marriage counselor, never strayed and never doubted a relationship so close that he shared an electric toothbrush with his wife. Suddenly on January 1997, Denise shocked him with a divorce letter. Almost a year later, Thomas received a letter addressed to Denise. Upon opening it he learned that the letter was a lump-sum buyout of her lottery winnings.

Soon Thomas found out that Denise filed for divorce just 11 days after she won the lottery on Dec. 28, 1996. She kept the winnings to herself and did not disclose the information to anyone, not even her divorce attorney. Thomas took Denise to the Los Angeles family court where the judge ruled that she had violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded her lottery winnings to her ex-husband. Every penny.

2. A man spent almost five months in Rikers Island jail, unaware that his bail was only $2.

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From November 2014 to April 2015, Aitabdel Salem spent nearly five months at Rikers Island jail, without knowing his bail was just $2. He was acquitted of bail jumping at a Manhattan Supreme Court trial and had been jailed on a $25,000 bail for attacking a NYPD cop who was arresting him for stealing.

Prosecutors failed to get an indictment on the assault charge and Salem didn’t know it for more than four months. He also had minor charges of tampering and mischief, in which a judge put him on a $1 bail. Judges sometimes do that if they believe the person’s existing bail is sufficient or in cases such as immigration hold. However, Salem failed to learn this from his lawyer and spent nearly five months in prison.

3. Jason and Jenny – The unlucky couple.


Wherever Jason, 42, and Jenny, 26, go on holidays, things happen. The couple from the Midlands in England were on a vacation in Mumbai, India, when the city was attacked by terrorists on the night of November 26, 2008. Nearly 180 people lost their lives that day.
On September 11, 2001, the couple were enjoying themselves in the Big Apple when hijackers flew into the World Trade Center in New York. When the twin towers came down, an estimated 3,000 people lost their lives.

On July 7, 2005, the couple were in London when four British suicide bombers brought tragedy to the underground and bus network. 52 people lost their lives and another 700 were injured.

4. Costis Mitsotakis – The only man in an entire town to not win a £600m lottery.

Daily Mail/CrazZyArena

Costis Mitsotakis, from the tiny village of Sodeto in Spain was a working class man. The town mainly consisted of farmers and unemployed construction workers in about 70 houses. In 2012, ticket sellers went door to door asking people to take part in the Christmas mega draw called El Gordo or the “The Fat One.”

Everyone except Costis took part in the drawing which lead them to win around $950,000,000 USD. There was a total of 1,800 winning tickets and the payout for each ticket was $130,000. Costis didn’t win because the sellers accidentally skipped his home. They thought they already approached his house but were mistaken. Bummer!

5. Woman accidentally catches fiancé cheating with another woman while searching for an address in street view on Russia’s Yandex Maps.


One of the biggest fears in a relationship is being cheated on. Almost 75% of people fear to have their heart broken by their partners. The cheaters often take extreme measures to hide their adultery but it doesn’t always work out. A good example is Marina Voinova and her fiancé.

While searching for an address in Yandex Maps, Marina spotted someone that looked similar to her fiancé. Yandex Maps does not blur faces like Google Maps. She confronted her boyfriend and he admitted that it was him. Though he apologized for his bad choices and actions, Marina broke up with him.

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