14 Unbelievable & Crazy Facts About Dubai That The Rest Of The World Is Not Aware Of - Mind Blowing Facts

14 Unbelievable & Crazy Facts About Dubai That The Rest Of The World Is Not Aware Of

Dubai is a tourist’s paradise and also the fastest growing city in the world. The amazing weather, shining skyscrapers and advanced technology attracts millions from around the globe. It holds some of the most luxurious hotels and is well known for its innovation and top-notch projects. During the 1960’s, it was simply a desert with a few buildings. Today, it is one of the fastest developing cities with the craziest things that you can imagine. From camel-riding robots to indoor skiing, we are listing 14 of the most unbelievable and crazy things Dubai has to offer.

#1. The rich flaunt their wealth with exotic pets

The rich people in Dubai own exotic pets

In Dubai, it is common for the super-rich to flaunt their wealth online. They often post snaps of their private jets or sports cars on Instagram. Now, it is considered a status-symbol for them to own exotic animals such as cheetahs, tigers and lions. Big cats appear to be their favorite and they regularly post pictures and videos of them wrestling with the predators. Of these big cats, cheetahs seem to be the most popular choice, since most people share images of them in their luxury cars.

#2. According to the city’s police chief, the crime rate in Dubai is literally 0%

Cop cars in Dubai
Mubarak Fahad/CC

The city has established a strict law instituted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The law strictly forbids anyone from making even the slightest criminal act. Anyone caught could be imprisoned for life or may face deportation. The Sheikh takes pride in this and boasts about a 0% crime rate. Dubai police also have expensive sports cars, such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, that they show off to visitors in the city. The value of each police car is equivalent to sending one person to college in the United States.

#3. 83% of the city’s population are immigrants

83% of the city's population are immigrants

The workers building the tall skyscrapers in the dreamy land are mostly immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Only 17% of the people are Emiratis, who are the locals. The immigrant workers are forced to work in squalid conditions, while the Emiratis live a luxurious life. Upon entering the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the passports of the workers are taken away until they pay their dues or finish the work that they were assigned for. Many human rights organizations are fighting to change the system and the treatment of the immigrant blue collar workers.

#4. They have zero tolerance when it comes to debt

A very dusty car in Dubai
Lis í Jákupsstovu/CC

Dubai strictly forbids its residents from falling into debt and not being able to keep up with payments. Anyone who is found guilty of exhausting their credit cards and not being able to pay them back will be prosecuted. They could face serious jail time or be permanently deported. Most of the Emiratis live a luxurious life since the rent, medical bills and education is completely paid by the government. They usually have a well-paying job that gives them a tax-free salary. The immigrant workers on other hand, work under extreme conditions and still fail to keep up with payments. Many of the foreigners who fear prosecution, flee to their home country and abandon their expensive cars. Airport parking lots are usually filled with abandoned luxury cars that never see the light of day again.

#5. Dubai pays its citizens 2 grams of solid gold if they lose at least 2 kg (4.4 lbs) within 30 days

Gold bar reflections
Bullion Vault/CC

Dubai holds a contest called “Your Weight In Gold,” which encourages children between the age of  2 to 14 to lose weight. The government billed this plan to promote healthy living and raise awareness. There’s no limit to how much you can lose but doctors suggest 4 to 8 lbs per month. To encourage them even more, the government will pay an additional gram of gold for every 2 pounds they lose. According to today’s rate, 1 gram (.03 oz) is valued approximately at $40. That means, for losing 4.4 lbs, you would be paid $80.

#6. The city is known for its rapid changes

Dubai then and now

The city is mostly known for its rapid changes. 20% of all cranes that exist and operate on our planet are located in Dubai. Growth is substantial for any country’s economy but rapid growth such as this could lead to an economic catastrophe – according to financial experts. Apart from that, the Dubai metro system, which was completed in 2009, has 42 stations. The entire construction took place in just 18 months. The city is also building the biggest amusement park on the planet – Dubailand. The amusement park is believed to have man made islands, resorts and mansions for the super-rich. In order to build Dubailand, 94 million cubic meters of sand is required, which the city is importing from its neighbors. This is twice the capacity of what the Empire State Building can hold.

#7. Premarital sex is forbidden in the city

Woman crying

The city in the Muslim country forbids any couple from showing affection in public. Kissing or holding hands is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught doing these innocent acts faces serious consequences, such as jail time or deportation. The women residing in the country also have lesser rights than men. There have been several cases of foreign women visiting the city for business, being raped and upon informing the authorities, are jailed.

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