14 Shocking and True Cases of Feral Children Raised by Animals Throughout History

14 Shocking and True Cases of Feral Children Raised by Animals Throughout History

A feral child is a human child, who, from a very young age has been isolated from human contact. They have little or no experience when it comes to love and care. Since they are isolated when they are young, their social behavior will be wilder and they won’t have the ability to communicate with other human beings. Some of these shocking cases with children occurred because of the parents who confined or abandoned them. After their abandonment, they are either raised by wild animals or they managed to live isolated in the wild. Throughout history there have been more than one hundred such cases reported and here’s the top 14.

1. Devil’s River, 1845-1852 – Lobo Wolf Girl.

Feral children
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John and his pregnant wife Mollie Dent were passing through a part of Texas with a group of American colonists. John was on the run from the law, for the murder of a fellow trapper in Georgia. As Mollie was approaching the end of her pregnancy, the couple decided to stay at the hostile land. On a night in May 1835, severe thunderstorms started to form and Mollie went into labor. As she started having trouble with the birth, John decided to ride westward for help.

After finding help at a Mexican goat ranch, John saddled up his horse to return to his wife. Tragedy hit when a bolt of lightning struck Dent from his horse and killed him instantly. The goat herders followed up on his directions to find Mollie but it was dark and the path was too dangerous. Next morning they finally located the cabin and inside they found Mollie Dent lying dead and alone. Since there was no wolf tracks surrounding the site, no thorough search was conducted.

Ten years later in 1845, a boy near San Felipe Springs spotted a girl running with a pack of wolves, attacking a herd of goats. She was spotted again the next year with the wolves, attacking and eating a goat. The last sighting of her was in 1852, when she was spotted suckling on two wolf cubs. She rain into the woods and was never seen again.

2. The Leopard Boy, India, 1912.

Feral children
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In 1912, a leopardess took this boy when he was only an infant. By the time he was five years old, a hunter came across them. He killed the leopardess and took him back to a small village, where he was reunited with his family. The boy was capable of running fast on all fours, similar to a man running normally.

At first he was aggressive towards anyone approaching him. He wasn’t able to communicate with anyone and usually grunted and growled. After years of being around humans, he learned to speak and walk properly. But he gradually became blind, due to a condition that pre-existed in his family.

3. Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991.

Oxana Malaya
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At the age of three, Oxana Malaya was left outside by her alcoholic parents. Looking for warmth, the young child crawled into a dog kennel. Since no one was looking for her, she stayed in the kennel for six years. During the time she spent with the dogs, she adapted their traits; such as walking on all fours, panting with her tongue out and even barking. Since she had very little interaction with humans, she was only capable of speaking a few words.

After her discovery, she had to go through intensive therapy where she learned to communicate and include herself in social groups. Though she’s able to speak now, she’s not capable of expressing much emotions. She’s thirty years old now and works with farm animals in a clinic in Odessa.

4. Prava, the Bird Boy.

Bird boy
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In 2008, Russian healthcare workers rescued a seven-year-old boy who was living in a two-bedroom apartment with his mother and dozens of her pet birds. One of the rescuers said that his mother treated him like one of her pets and didn’t show any affection towards him. She fed him and even housed him like the birds.

Since he had no form of communication, he adapted after his feathered friends and chirped. When he doesn’t understand something, he waved his hands in the way birds winnow wings. Since his discovery, he was released by his mother and is undergoing rehabilitation.

5. Kamala and Amala.

Kamala and Amala
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In October 1920, Kamala, 8, and Amala, 12, were found at Midnapore, west of Calcutta. An Anglican missionary, Rev JAL Singh, spotted them hiding on top of a tree along with wolves. Even though their behavior was completely different than human children, he shot the mother wolf and captured them. Upon returning them to the village, they were inseparable and would only sleep curled up together.

Their appetite mainly consisted of raw meat and they stripped off any kind of clothing. They avoided human interaction, walked on all fours and didn’t look like human children. Though their appearance and behavior was completely different, they had a heightened sense of smell and hearing.
After they were captured from their natural habitat, their immune system started to weaken. Amala died just after a year and Kamala lived up to the age of 17. She was able to walk straight and say a few words before kidney failure took her life.

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