20 Pictures That Prove Thalassophobia Is A Real, Terrifying Thing And You May Have It - Mind Blowing Facts

20 Pictures That Prove Thalassophobia Is A Real, Terrifying Thing And You May Have It

Thalassophobia is a clinical phobia which is an intense and persistent fear of the sea or of sea travel. Those who have it undergo severe anxiety and panic upon entering a deep and isolated environment, such as the sea. This can include a fear of the ocean, fear of being in a large body of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea or simply fear of being too far from land. Thalassophobia is nothing to be ashamed of, as a majority of the population have it. The 20 pictures presented here can be used as a test to determine whether you have it or not. Let us know which picture made you press the panic button through the comments section.

1. Sneaking under a boat.

Thalassophobia, fear
Image via We Heart It

2. Creepy underwater statues.

Underwater sculpture
Image via Jason deCaires Taylor

3. Does this make you uncomfortable?

via SplatterFrogs/imgur

4. Camouflaging themselves into the ground and waiting patiently for their unlucky victim.

via smaug777000/reddit

5. Swimming beneath thick ice as the Northern lights illuminates it.

Swimming under ice caps
Image via George Karbus

6. The only thing holding this guy from falling into a 1,000 ft deep wormhole, is a thin sheet of ice.

via Aaron Huey/Instagram

7. Whale shark using suction to vacuum up zooplankton, such as tuna.

WHale shark eating tuna
Image via Simon J pierce Photography

8. Seaweed in the wave looks like an alien creature.

Image via SplatterFrogs/Reddit

9. World’s deadliest: Hammerhead sharks.

Whale head sharks
Image via Michael PItts/BBC

10. Garden eels – They are relatively small and live in burrows on the seafloor.

via Daviddoubilet/Instagram

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  1. All of this is creepy!!

  2. Picture 3 made me feel physically sick!
    I couldn’t put my baby in a float not knowing what lurks beneath.
    Just too freaky for me.

  3. The pic of the kid and the darness of the water underneath freaks me out

  4. All of this is cool

  5. Up-to now I am reading so many phobia S but this was really cool

  6. The baby one omg I couldn’t imagine putting my baby in a lake that deep no no no its a no go n the scariest pic lol. I here the sea n very deep rivers/lakes etc lmao

  7. Number 6, 12 and 14. Deep dark holes…… Ever been to the Red Sea, Sinai peninsula? There I was, about 100m from the shore… suddenly standing on the edge of a vertical wall, dropping straight down into the blackness och the ocean…. So so scary. The same place my father went diving in the seventies with a group of italians. He told me they went down there… Fastened a rope to that wall with fresh bleeding fish, and watched as a BIG shark came to feed…. The line got caught between its teeth, and it struggled to get free… My phobia is the GREAT WHITE SHARK. So thanks for not showing it in any of the pictures.

  8. Number 20, Can’t imaging falling into that abyss

  9. I think I do have thalassophobia those pictures almost made me cry..

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